My new scarecrow

runningtrailsMay 23, 2009

Here she is:

I put one arm up and waving so she looks friendly (and also so she doesn't look like we hung her on a cross!)

I bought her at a garage sale this morning for $1.00!

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pris(8B TX)

That looks more like a "I'm so happy to see you" crow. Wouldn't scare my crows away. Great bargain, by the way.

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I think I will cut off the cross piece so it doesn's show.
Well, she's not there to scare the people away. She may not keep the birds away either, but I like her anyway.

I certainly could not have made one for that price.

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Great find. Like the pitchfork at the bottom too. You gonna hang some tin pans from her hand so she can make a rukus when the wind blows?

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How adorable! And what a deal!!! Not very scary, tho. Maybe you could sew some jingle bells to her apron?

I would gladly trade you for the creepy longhorn skull my husband insisted upon hanging on my garden fence!

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The tin pans and bells are a good idea. I've saved some tin pans to tie around the corn and sunflower garden to keep the groundhogs out. I don't have a lot of them, however. I may not have enough to spare for her but if it'll keep the birds away, I'll use them. I might need them for the tomatoes. Do groundhogs eat tomatoes?

I think I need to make a few scarecrows...

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Shes a cute garden helper whether she scares anything away or not! LOVE garage sales,Are you ever on the Garden Junk Forum runningtrails????

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Occasionally. I should take a look over there more often. I LOVE garage sales too and like all kinds of whimsical (junk) things in the garden.

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