Hanging galvanizer chix fount; how high?

kim0201May 16, 2010

I purchased a 2 gal galvanized waterer for my hens & I'm going to hang it. I'm wondering if there's a guideline as to how far from the ground I should hang it so they are able to drink comfortably. Obviously they need to be able to reach it but would that be perhaps 12" off the ground or ??

Trying to keep the water more clean altho' I have this suspicion that w/ poultry & a dirt floor coop that the water will still get a little dusty. :)

Thank you for your thoughts....

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I keep my feeder about six to eight inches. When the new chicks start growing, there's no reason to make them have to reach for it. My waterer, I always just set on a low stand of a couple bricks in summer, or the electric de-icer stand in winter. I do not suspend it.

You're right, it gets dusty anyway and when I feed, if there is still water in it, I just tip it and let the clear water in the reservoir rinse out any chaff.

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Thank you calliope - I appreciate your post. I just set the waterer on the ground for them now too.

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I planned on hanging our waterer, so they would not sit on top and poop down into the water. Is there a reason for not hanging it? I know in the winter we will have to have it down on the de-icer. Our floor is not dirt, it is wood with a linoleum finish. I wouild not want to tip water onto that. Oh boy! Are we not doing this right?

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I have a chicken coop what came with the farm, and it's rather large, and has concrete floors. Water isn't an issue with me. None of mine have ever sat on a waterer, but that could be an issue I imagine.

No, you're not doing it wrong. What works is the right way to do it, and it might not be the same for any two situations. The whole issue is to keep the water filled, and fresh and that's what matters.

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