a confused banty rooster....weird!

mersiepoo(6)May 9, 2008

I noticed my one banty rooster sitting down in the tall grass near the dogs fence. I thought maybe he was sick! So I go to check on him, and he gets up...he was setting on a guinea egg! He then went back to it and 'sat' on it, even fluffed his feathers over the egg! I never saw this happen before, I think maybe he's having some gender identification issues here.

He's not too 'practiced' at it, because he then got off the egg, and sat down again next to it, like he didn't know he's supposed to stay on it, ha ha!

Has anyone ever seen this happen? He's not a capon or anything. Weird! I wish I had my camera to show you all....

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Once in while I find one of our bantam roosters sitting in a nesting box. Maybe this is characteristic of bantams or maybe it's a status thing?

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I don't know..but I do know he's the lowest on the pecking order. He thinks he's a guinea since he was raised with them, maybe he's 'protecting' the nest, ha ha!

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I have heard that sometimes if a roo sees that the hen is not taking care of the nest, he will take over.

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