Goat - breakaway chains or collars?

suellen_delawaresMay 18, 2007

I want to put something on my goats for ID purposes incase they get out like a phone number. I also want something to lead them with. What do you use on your goats and why?

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We put a collar on ours to lead them but never anything when they're left. If you want to do that I would recommend a break-away. Tom

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You could use a chain like what they use on dairy cows, but with some sort of safety device to allow it to come loose if they got stuck on something, and a brass tag with your name and phone number.

As far as leading them I've seen people use both dog type collars and halters. I'm not sure where you can get the halters, but they seem real good at keeping the goat under control. The problem with both of them is that you have to remove them whenever you are not going to lead or tie up the animal. If you leave it on them all the time you run the risk of them getting caught on something or getting thier hoof caught in it. A friend of mine had that happen with one of her horses. It got a rear hoof caught in the halter, and by the time she found it the animal had died, probably from a heart attack or shock.


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niffer(z5 Ontario)

There is a company here called "Spectrum Nasco Farm and Ranch" that sell goat halters...I don't have any, but they look like they'd do a good job. Their email is customerservice@spectrumed.com.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I talked with a friend that has horses and she has a halter that will fit my adult goat. Our local feed & supply stores IFA (Intermountain Farming Association) & Cal-Ranch will probably have an adjustable halter for the little one and the breakaway chains. IFA makes the metal dog tags.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Realize that the same collar can't be used for both purposes - if the goats pull hard against the break away collar, they may get loose. A possible way to make a chain collar more easily break away is to use a single piece of baling twine - the jute kind rather than the plastic - and tie two links together. It would break with not too much pressure, but should hold well enough for every day use. Just remember to keep an eye on it, as the rubbing of the links would wear at it. And the goats might chew on it, defeating the purpose altogether!

If you are using a halter, with a thinnish piece of leather set in the side below the buckle as the "break away", then you can probably use it for both purposes - the pressure/pull would come from a different angle. Just be aware that a sudden hard pull or jerk backward or straight to the front might break it.

Chain collars may be your safest option for breakaways, as the goats can't chew on them. I would worry about halters, either leather or nylon, getting chewed up or off.

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Make sure you keep an eye on goat with collars.Ill never do it again.we lost one because of it.

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