Chicken loosing feathers, lice?

simplemeMay 4, 2009

I have two chickens, 2 years old, one Red Star and the other A Black Jersey Giant that have lost all their feather on the back and under the wings. They are not molting, both have have done so in Dec. I'm suspecting lice. However, I'm about paranoid as to what to use. I follow directions on using DE, food grade to de lice them all about a month ago. And I lost two good Red Star hens. I got one to the vet and he said the DE must have been inhaled into the lungs which would cause bleeding in the lungs. That one died that night as he predicted it would as there is no treatment. He suggested 5% seven dust. But I totally nervous about using it. I used the seven dust to dip some of their legs in as they have some leg scale mites but I'm just to afraid to just dust them. I have 33 hens and each one is a special pet and to think I did something to cause the death of two really pains me.... has anyone dusted the entire chicken with seven dust? Any help would be much appreciated



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I have used this in commercial operations with great success. some mites and lice actually leave the bird during the day and go back on at night, so you should also dust their perches as well to get a good kill. Redo it in 14 days to get future hatchings of your new little friends.

Rantheman BSc. AHT.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

I've dusted my chickens with Sevin in the past, it works great but is dusty and messy--and NOT good for you (or the birds) to breathe. It also has to be re-applied if the bird gets wet. I've since switched to a flea & tick mist made by Adams--I get the one with IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) and once I spray the birds, the protection lasts for three months! Plus it kills adult parasites AND hatching eggs. I've been using it for several years after the advice of a fellow chicken owner, and the stuff really does do what it claims.

I get more control with the Adams spray, because I've found that my birds usually get mites in pretty predictable spots--the Polish and Silkies on their crests and fluffy bottoms (and feet for Silkies), my cochins on their fluffy bottoms, pantaloons & feet, etc. Spots that are tough for the birds to reach when they preen.

I've got a chicken info site here, this is the page on worming/dusting with info on Sevin, DE, etc. and how-to's:

You have to be really careful to get the correct type of Sevin to use on birds--there is a wettable Sevin that you do NOT want to use. Also, DE is more of a preventative measure--once you actually get an infestation, you need to bring in the big guns to kill it off. Otherwise the DE works too slowly and there is a chance you'll lose birds.

Velvet ~:>

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thanks so much for your responses. It's given me a lot to think about. I'm dusting the hen house with seven in the morning for sure.
We are having storms after storms here for the next 4 days so I'll have to wait until early next week to take action.
once again thanks so much

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