Butterfly Type Seeds for SASBE

caterwallinMarch 9, 2011

I was giving these away on my regular haunt, the butterfly forum, but still have some left. I only want to give them away for a bubble envelope and THREE 44-cent stamps (or Forever stamps). I don't really need any trades at this time. I can send you any or all of the following:


Dill (host plant for Black Swallowtail)

Fennel (host plant for Black Swallowtail)

Rue (host plant for Black Swallowtail and Giant Swallowtail...only have enough of these for 3 people)


Verbena bonariensis (reseeds)


Anise hyssop


Liatris spicata

Pearly Everlasting (host plant for American Lady)

Just a reminder, I don't need any more seeds or I'd do a trade.

Send me an email and I'll get back to you.

This offer is only good until March 15 because I'll have to start getting things ready for the garden like winter sowing all of my annuals, etc. and won't have the time to send out seeds after the 15th, so please email me by that time and I'll let you where to send your envelope. Thanks for reading.


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I would be happy for some of your seeds my wifes garden has a lot of bare spots so these seeds would fill a lot of those bare spots and put some a long our litte branch. i would like some of the floweing if you still have them..... (pearly everlasting)..(liatris spicata)..(anise hyssop) thank you and god bless.. FRED..

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hello, i would love to have some of your seeds email addresse so i an send stamps==thank y pepper

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I want to emphasize that I will NOT send any seeds out in a regular envelope. It must be a bubble/padded envelope or you won't be getting any seeds until I get the correct envelope sent to me. I'm not taking a chance on them getting crushed getting to you. Also, there's no way the packets of seeds would all fit in a regular envelope anyway. Thank you.

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Hi Cathy!

let me know if you are still offering any of these seeds. I'd like to take them off your hands!! :)
I'd be happy to send a nice bubble mailer with plastic bags & plenty of postage!
thank you for offering seeds!!

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I forgot to mention that I also have tropical milkweed seeds. Of the types that I've grown here, this is definitely the preferred plant of the Monarch butterfly for laying eggs on.
Thanks to all who have taken me up on my offer so far. It gives me great pleasure to be able to help people with their butterfly gardens by sharing my extra seeds.

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Thank you everyone for such a great response and almost all of my seeds have found a home now. I have enough yet for 3 more people and then they're gone. Click on the email link on my page if you're interested in getting seeds of some good butterfly attracting plants. I've been butterfly gardening since 2005 and am happy to be able to share with people. Thanks for caring about the butterflies!

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:) holding my breath waiting for seeds! I wonder if you sent me Rue anyway ;) ... Bill (sumwhare)

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cjcjmass(8 Georgia)

I would love some of your seeds. Especially if they attract butterflies...


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melyra(7b Georgia)

I am interested in the dill and liatris if they are still available.

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If you still have some i would be interested, please

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