Pregnant cat -- when?

carmen_grower_2007(4/5)May 4, 2010

I have a pregnant kitty and would like info as to when I can expect her to give birth. I can feel little ones kicking inside and she is definitely looking for a place to have them. Are we close? Tomorrow? A week???

BTW, we plan to keep all we can't place and have them (and mommy spayed/neutered.) Please help with any info you can give me to make sure she and her kits are healthy.

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I'm sure you know when her last estrus was, since cats in heat are pretty obvious about it. Nine weeks from then. I remember you posting a few months ago about letting your dog have puppies too. Did she?

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You should get a place fixed up for her or else she'll find a quiet corner on your carpet or your best chair and have them. Put some clean towel in a cardboard box and put it in a room that you don't use much or even the garage and confine the cat to that room. Provide a litter box and food and water for her until she has the kittens. After that, she may be let out into other parts of the house as long as she can still get to her kittens.

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This is an outdoor/indoor cat that comes in with the other cats when it is too cold to be outdoors and to eat. We have a guest house where I allow the cats to come in to eat each day. We have her inside now and are feeding the others outside since they are stalking and attacking her. (The others are all neutered/spayed and she will be also once she has her kittens. I think that is why they don't accept her.) Any we can't place will be fixed along with her and we will keep them.

No, our dog has not had pups.

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It has been my experience (lots, LOL) that Mrs. Kitty will have her babies in a secluded spot, probably NOT one that you've fixed up for her. If you want her to have them inside, set up a cardboard box with some old towels in guest bedroom closet or some such, where human traffic is minimal and she feels like she's in a hiding place. Even the most tame cat will (usually, not always) want this type of arrangement. A friendly, affectionate kitty will want some of her own time with the babies and will introduce them in her own time. I've found if I leave them alone and don't touch them for several weeks, Momma is much happier and the kittens seem to socialize better with us. I admire them and pet momma, but I don't pick up the babies. I think it stresses the mom out even if she loves and trusts you. So Momma is happy with your admiration for a job well done, and when Mommas know the saying :) Last year when we had kittens, the neighbor children all flocked over to play with them. I showed them the kittens and asked them not to pick them up just yet, that they needed time with their mother. Once the kittens were motoring around and seeking attention from me, I let the kids play with them.

It is a little more tricky to have the kittens outside but if you fix a nice box in the garage or barn and have food/water handy, she might just go to it if you keep showing it to her by placing her in the box. In a pinch she will have the kittens in the box then probably move them to an area where the other cats don't frequent. Mine moved their kittens into the eves of the garage until they were moving around and I kept placing them down in the box because I was afraid they would fall. I about broke my neck climbing on a ladder to fetch them, LOL. Anyway, good luck with Mrs. Kitty! Lori

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She had 4 little babes yesterday and it all went so precise and smooth -- amazing to watch and she seemed so proud as she finished cleaning each one and waiting for the next. She wanted me to stroke her and be with her, I think.

She had them in a corner in a milk crate that I had a soft baby blanket in for her. I won't let the other cats in for awhile since I don't think she would feel safe leaving them to use the litter box or to eat. What a wonderful experience!

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