How long will these ducklings stay?

kkvasagerMay 27, 2011

I have been on this board for the last hour, getting a ton of helpful information. Thank you all! There is one question I haven't found the answer to yet so I thought I'd ask.

We have a mama mallard who nested in our yard. We've been watching her closely, and today on day 28, the first of her 11 eggs have begun to hatch. My question is, how long will they hang around? We have a pond a few blocks away that I am assuming she'll lead them to, or am I wrong? Will they stay in our yard? And if they do go to the pond, about how long before they go? If they plan to stay I want to make sure that there is some shallow water for them and a tarp up so they have some place to run around and the giant evil crows don't get them. I know it's mother nature, but I'm not sure I want my 3 boys witnessing that first hand!



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I guess my question has been answered. Once mama let them out from under her they stayed and walked around the yard for a half hour tops.
I hoped they'd at least stay a day. :(

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