New to raising chickens- have 3 chicks

lkuhlman7May 10, 2010

Help! Can someone help me tell if they are hens or roosters? I only have tonight to exchange them if I have a rooster before the other chicks get picked up to go to another farm. I was told that if the wings have two tiers of feathers they are boys, three tiers of feathers is a girl. Is this true? And do I look at the top side of the wing or the bottom side? Thanks, desperate chick

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The only way chick sexing is easily done is they are of a breed where the males and females are always a different colour. I've raised chicks for years and never heard of sexing by feather tiers. It takes a really experienced person to sex them that young by checking the vent. One hatchery where I get mine actually shuts down deliveries when the person who can do it takes his holiday. I'm sorry, if looking at wing feathers were a good way to do it, they wouldn't shut down their hatchery. Good luck.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

The forehead of female chicks is quite round. The forehead of the male chicks is a bit more sloped.

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This is why if you want pullets you order pullets and if you don't care if you get a rooster you buy straight run. The people you got the chicks from should have been able to tell you if you had pullets, but if they couldn't tell you, you may have gotten all roosters. Cheryl

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

You have to be careful about ordering straight run. Sometimes the females have been picked out and your "straight run", which should be about half and half, turns out to be mostly roosters. Which is fine if you are buying them for Sunday supper, but you shouldn't have to pay straight run prices for a "mixed hatch" that turns out to be a boys club.

If you want straight males, the price is considerably cheaper.

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