Longest Laying Breed of Chicken

siegel2May 19, 2011

Is there a chicken breed that produces good quality eggs even when the hens get a little older?

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My guess would be one of the "improved" breeds.

Maybe RI Reds, or NH Reds? I'd also guess it's NOT one of the heritage breeds.

As far as I know most chickens only lay well for about 3 years, then start slowing down in production.


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Most do slow down, but the upside on my older hens are eggs so large, even the cartons designed for jumbo eggs won't close. I think Brendasue has it, in that your hybrid breeds seem to keep cranking.....those who are fantastic layers in their youth. My older hens are golden comets a hybrid off Rhode Island Reds......who really are an old breed but so prolific that they are seldom called heritage. I know I have a few up there so old that I've been teased of running an avian geriatric facility. I brought new blood in this year and the ones who are past three are going to be going bye-bye. I don't like butchering but I think that is their fate for broths.

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