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cindee11461(z9CA)May 25, 2009

I bought chicks two years ago. I have never heard a crow coming from the chicken house until a few weeks ago. The chicken I think is a rooster crowing does not fit the typical rooster look. No spurs no big comb and is very shy. I have never seen him "do" the girls either. So why suddenly is he crowing? He is an Ameraucana/Araucana


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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

It's entirely possible that you have a crowing hen. It does happen once in a while. Have you ever seen this bird lay an egg?

Americaunas and Araucanas are two different breeds. Americaunas have muffs and a beard, small combs and a grayish-green 'willow' leg color.

Aracaunas are from South America, are much more rare and have HUGE facial tufts and are rumpless--no tail. Check these pics to see which you have:

Your bird might be a crowing hen, or just a late bloomer roo. Americaunas are quite laid-back, so he may indeed be a roo boy.

Hope this helps!

Velvet ~:>

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If you had purchased straight run chicks then half would be roosters. You must have purchased sexed females for egg laying. You can get a rooster. buy straight run or find an older rooster. make a low cost incubator. Or buy some fertilized eggs. I am sure you can find something locally.

What kind of chickens did you purchase. Where did you buy them.

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I've read that sometimes when there's no rooster in a flock, a dominant hen may take on some male characteristics, such as attempting to mate hens and crowing. People used to think that the bird was a freak of nature---an egg-laying rooster---and the eggs from these "roosters" were called something I can't remember. I have several hen-mating hens, but no crowers.

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I went on the internet trying to find the name of these eggs and I found this interesting tidbit:
A rooster is, of course, a male chicken, and only hens, or female chickens, lay eggs. But every now and then, a disease may cause a rooster to change its gender and become a hen, or vice-versa. Some of these roosters-turned-hens have actually laid eggs!

But this still does not mean that a rooster can lay an egg; it's still true that only a female chicken can lay an egg. The most we can say about the rooster's egg-laying ability is that some roosters that turn into hens can lay eggs.

This was on a site called big site of amazing facts. Not sure how true this is or not...

Here is a link that might be useful: i also thought this was interesting although not related to the subject. Found it while searching the the egg laying roosters

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