My baby ducks are sick.

GennyMMay 2, 2006

Hey, remember when I said that I got 5 new baby ducks at Tradeday?

I had a Indian Runner, blue swedish, blue swedish/pekin mix, pekin, and a khaki campbell.

My Indian Runner died. I was very sad it was so sweet. He had mucous coming from his mouth. he would spit it up. He was like that the day we got him. The other babies were not like that. 3-5 days after we got them the Indian Runner died. It broke my heart. but, the other 4 seemed fine. Just today...I w had just went and bought some new wire to go around a new duck pen I built so that the babies could stay out in it during the day. When I went to play wth the baby ducks they all 4 had the mucous coming out of their mouths :( I am so heart-broken.. I don't know what to do and if I can I really want to save their lives. Can anyone tell me if you think there is something that I can do to save them? They are very special to my family and I. Thank-you..


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have they had access to anything the might have maggots or worms? Ducks aren't equipped to handle those things, and i had some die , sounds like the same way. The maggots eat the inside and then they foam.
Hope this isn't the case with yours, try calling around for some vet ideas.

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motherduck(Z2b MB)

Sounds like they may have some type of respiratory illness and need waterfowl-safe antibiotics.

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Hey, they haven't been around any maggots while they were here with me.
I'm not sure what they might have come in contact with when they were at Tradeday with their other owner...
That is waht I'm thinking they might have..a respiratory infection. I gave them some tetracycline medicine mixed with their baby grain and they ate it. They aren't spitting that up that I have seen today.. But, just because I haven't seen it doesn't mean they aren't doing it again. I am just hoping they will get better. They are sweet babies

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I hope they get better too,
I mentioned the maggot question because while I let my ducks and chicks out one day, they found a dead snake and feasted on the new tenants. I figured they were no different from any other type of bug they ate, but I was wrong. But again mine were adults, not babies.

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Shellybabe, hey.
They seem to be doing better today. They aren't coughing up any mucous. I think the medicine I am giving them is helping~ I hope so. I will let you know how they do :) Thanks for the help.

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It's Easter morning and we just gave 3 baby ducks to our kids for Easter. All 3 are spitting up mucus also. I am SO worried. We've had ducks as pets before and never had a problem. It will break the kids heart if they die. Where do you get Tetracycline for baby ducke and how much do you give. VERY WORRIED! It's one thing to break my heart, but a whole other thing to break the kids heart. Please help. thanks, Pam

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Just noticed this evening that one of my baby ducks was puking and also both of themlook like they have sores on thier necks and on the tips of their wings.

I had been putting them in the tub with water to swim around and was also wondering if tap water for this is one safe or two the reason for the sores on their wings and neck.

Any ideas and remedies for this are greatly appreciated.

Thank for your help.

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i have a few baby pekin ducks and 4 days ago, noticed that the runt was listless and limping, then followed by the mucous out the nose and slime out of it's mouth....2 days ago another one was limping....both died that, have another one that is limping and becoming listless....any help??? Don't know where to find a vet.....

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I noticed our baby duck spitting up mucous today as well. i do believe it just started. Where do you purchase the water fowl antibiotic? Do tack and feed stores have a supply. Also to the person yhat gave their ducks the antibiotic, you said they seemed better so how are they now. very worried about my babies!

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