Chicken keeping

Sami56May 25, 2012

Sorry if this is dumb newbie question, anyway here goes.. We live in central Mass., fairly rural. We have a dog kennel that we do not use, an 3/4 acre of fenced yard. I would like to turn the kennel into a small coop for two- three laying hens, the kennel abutts the house and has a doggy door. My real question is this, the kennel is also along side our deck,so how smelly is a dry well kept coop?


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Sami56, my son has 9 fancy chickens, the golden polish, bantams etc, he has a movable pen, it does get smelly after a few days in one spot and he lets them out to free range most every day. They are so pretty, he was getting 10, only one didn't make it, so the littlest is the only one of her kind, the others are 2. they are not laying yet and we are not for sure about roosters, only one really looks like a rooster, one of the golden polish is bigger and seems to have the pointed tail feathers like they say the roosters have.

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