Help! I found a baby duck!

brookenMay 16, 2005


I could really use some assistance.

Literally a baby duck walked right up basically to our front door today. We searched and searched and can not find a sign of a mother duck or any other ducklings.

He is a tiny little thing, no feathers, and surely could not survive the night alone, so I brought him/her in and put it in a cage with some paper towels ect.

I have no idea what kind of duck it is.. Could be one that was sold from the farm supply here, or could be a wild duckling.. Any way to tell?

I went to the feed store and they sold me some starter mix, but the duckling doesnt have any interest in it. I put a small dish of water in, but the little guy just walked through it and got all wet and cold. Dried him off, and he loves to be held. Little guy jumps all around trying to get to someone. How do I take care of this guy correctly?

I am a cat breeder and used to breed cockatiels so I am capable of providing the best care, if I can find the right information on what is the best thing to do.

Thanks in advance!


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motherduck(Z2b MB)

Provide a heat lamp in an area with enough room for the duckling to move away from the heat if needed. New ducklings need a temperature of 85 to 90 F. with the temperature lowered 5 degrees each week. You'll have to guess at its age. If a 'duck and goose' starter feed isn't available then the duckling can have 'unmedicated' chick starter with some brewer's yeast added (to meet a duckling's need for extra niacin). A 'grower' feed would also suffice since the starter should only be used for the first 2-3 weeks. Ducklings also need greens--chopped tender grass, dandelions, clover, cabbage, lettuce, etc. Also provide some fine grit. Do you have some pine wood shavings for bedding?

Ducklings chill easily, especially if wet so they should have a water container with an opening only large enough for their heads to fit in. They need to rinse their nostrils and eyes. Ducks aren't waterproof and weatherproof until about 7 or 8 weeks old. Their oil gland (at the base of the tail on top) will start working then and they will start preening their feathers to waterproof themselves. The mother duck provides waterproofing and warmth in the wild.

What color is the duckling? Does it have any specific markings? You could check Feathersite for photos of ducklings to help identify the breed.

You probably don't want to hear this but, a lone duck is an unhappy duck--it needs another duckling or two. Ducks are entertaining and lots of fun to raise! I have 22 of them right now besides geese and chickens.

It's wonderful of you to rescue that little baby! Hopefully the cats will keep away!

Here is a link that might be useful: Feathersite

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Do you mean he has no feathers as in--he is naked? Or do you mean he is still covered in fuzzy down? If he is naked, then he might not be a duckling. Let us know how he's doing. Motherduck gave some very basic, good advice.
Take care,

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My mother always put a little water in a jar lid and tore up little bits of bread and put in the water. The ducklings always gobbled them up.

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Hi there,

Thank you all for the advice. THe little one made it through the night so today I will start fixing things up the right way for the little one.

Carla, He has fuzz on him, he is not totally naked. I can see the tiniest beginnings of feathers on his rear end.

Motherduck, This little guy looks just like the Mallard ducklings on feathersite. He is yellow and dark brown. I noticed that quite a few different kinds of ducks have ducklings that color so I probabley wont be able to tell what kind of duck he is until he gets feathers.
My cats are curious, but are used to different critters and are not your everyday cats. They are sphynx (hairless) and are very social and accepting. We also have a hairless rat and chinese water dragon that the cats pay no mind to.. So the little duckling should be safe here.

Here is one more question for you all.. What do I do with him when he gets old enough or too old rather to be in the house? Put him in the yard? Will he fly away? If I did find another duckling, would they just hang out together around here or ?

Thanks again!

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

When he gets fully feathered out, you might be able to release him back into the wild (if he is a wild duck). I found an orphan Canada gosling on our pond once, and read on the internet that Canada geese will foster goslings from other parents. I released him near geese on a nearby canal, and he swam happily over to them and was accepted immediately. Ducks might be similar, you could do a search for wildlife rescue websites to get info.

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Even though your cats are curious and loving please do not leave them alone with the baby. Cats and dogs have been known to turn on ducks. I saved a baby duck just last summer, we didnt use a heating lamp (but them again it was 90 degrees outside) The baby probably doesnt know what the food and water are, try pecking the food and water with your finger to let him/her know it is safe, thats what i did. After a few days or even a few hours it will think that you are its mother and will cry nonstop if you leave its sight. And other ducks WILL NOT mother other ducklings, this was my case, the baby i saved was stole out of its nest (i couldnt find its mother anywhere, they hide very good) and seen 2 mallard babies playing in the water she started playing with them and when the mother (a pekin) seen this baby swimming next to her she tried to drown her several times. My duck now breathes weird from being half drowned. It is not easy to release them back to the wild, if you keep it until it is fully feathered i do not believe you will be able to realease it, it may fly after you. I seen someone at a local pond try to release fully grown female mallard and she flew right back to them and would not leave their sight. If you plan on keeping it in the house (which i do) be prepared, i would start putting on duck diapers asap, if you dont put diapers on now and you want to later sometimes it is very hard. heres the site for duck diapers:
Read about the diapers, you may be interested in buying some, this way you can let the little duck wander around the house and you wont have to clean up poop constantly. Good luck with the baby.

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Check out the new baby section at she has just about everything you need to know about having a baby duck/gosling.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Great advice from motherduck and our other duck experts here, as always... :)

With my baby chickens, I also offer soft foods such as scrambled eggs, cooked cut-up noodles, diced grapes, cooked hamburger, etc. I assume this is also OK for ducklings, but will leave the final word on that to the duck people here. At any rate, with baby chicks they sometimes need YOU to show intrest in the food--you need to teach them that hey, here is a nice goodie! Pick up the tidbit and drop it repeatedly with your fingers while calling the duckling in a low, excited tone of voice. Once they taste it and realize it's food, they'll quickly learn your special 'tidbit' call and come running. *L*

Good luck! :)

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Make sure you are allowed to keep wild animals first. Chances are good it is not a domestic duck. It may be good to offer it to a bird shelter. You could be fined if it turns out to be a native species. Not trying to be negative, it's just reality. Better to find out before you get attached to it.

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motherduck(Z2b MB)

You don't usually have to entice ducklings to eat--they have voracious appetites!

The duck can be moved outside when it's feathered. It would need secure fencing and a night shelter. If it's a Mallard you would need to trim the flight feathers on one wing if you want to keep it as a pet. You could also try to find another home for it if you don't want to keep it.

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Or, you could overnight it to me...


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renaemarie(4 (3-ish?) MN)

Hello! And welcome to the world of duck fostering. I think you've received great information here. We found a duckling last spring. (It turned out to be a beautiful male wood duck.) When we sought advice at our trusty feed store I was told that domestic food would be bad for a wild duck, so we fed our little guy wild starter. I guess its made for wild turkeys and pheasants and such.

If you are interested, you can read about our little guy (Mullet) at my online blog. There is some practical information there but its mostly about me dealing with my ethical / emotional concerns.

(I kinda wish, now, that I'd kept him as a pet. I do go back and forth on that tho'. Such is the nature of animal attachments.)

I was surprised to see that other folks know about the duck diapers. I didn't try them but I was intrigued. The web makes the world so small. I also think its interesting that I just wrote up my duck story -- what a coincidence.

Best of luck. I'd love to know how it goes for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: An entry in my blog.

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If it is a Mallard and you want to keep it as a pet you can get a license for it from the Wildlife and Fishery Department, I dont think it is hard to obtain one since I see a lot of people with Mallards as pets. My duck also loves macaroni noodles, but dont give the duck onions, my vet told me onions kill ducks, something about it clogs up their red blood cells. Let us know whats going on with him/her I know i'm interested in hearing about it.

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Help, we found two baby diucks today adn found this sight when I did a net search to help them. aking all advice. We ahve two of them. Haven't identified them just yet. One seems to not be well, the other is fine. They were crossing the road in front of us on the road and I swerved to miss them. Id on't kow if the one got hurt or not.

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Don't ever feed bread to wild ducks. It has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever & can actually make them fatally ill as it tends to wad up into a solid mass in their crops.

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i was going to offer the same thing that i would gladly take the duck. at this point your duck is a bit older and you probably are understanding it a bit more. i have a duck farm with 9 breeds . if when you found it it was fuzzy but getting feathers it may have been already about 3 to 4 weeks old. everything that was posted to you was true. no bread starter poultry fed is good, greens are important and number 1 you need more than one duck. if you are looking to set it free it may take a while as there adult feathers take a bit to come in. and if and when you do set it free be prepared as that duck will probably come back. i just read this post so i dont know where you are with the duck now but feel free to contact me if you need any help what so ever and like i said if you really need a home for it i would gladly take it off your hands.

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What a great page to find! Today I found 3 little ducklings crossing the street right outside my home. There was no mommy duck in sight, and no lake or pond for miles. I am thinking they may have come from the drainage system, or just waddled right out of a coop of some sort after hatching. They were very fast and frightened, but they were as tiny as one of the chicken eggs in my fridge. They are truly tiny. I have done many animal rescues, but do not know how to care for ducklings. I want to keep them, as I have an array of fuzzies I share my home with. My daughter, who has an autistic disorder, also relates well to animals and they make her very happy, so I love to have them around. I am vegetarian, so all living animals are welcome here. I want to do right by them, but after reading everything on this page, I realize I have already done some no-nos. I even let them swim in a little bucket for a while, and didn't dry them off, because hey, they are ducks, right? I didn't know that babies needed to be SO warm, so I just put a heated blanket in their cage. I got them too late in the evening to go to the only feed store around, so I made due with what I had. I really look forward to any helpful information at all, from food to keeping them warm. Am I looking at spending a fortune for some type of incubator? These babies are so darling. Their little webbed feet are adorable. I want to make sure they grow healthy and happy. I will most likely find a home for one of them ASAP, unless someone can tell me if it's okay to just raise one. Is it best to have 2? Should I keep them all together? 3 ducklings seems fun.......but will 3 ducks be so desirable? Thanks so much everyone, I have learned a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Every Child Matters!

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Hey i found a baby duck i tried putting it with the big ducks and they will only bite him. I have him in a baby papasan right now with a really hot blanket. He wont eat but i make him drink water anyway and force him to eat. Please email i really need him!! He wont walk he will cry he will move a lil but not a lot.

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Be careful if you do not want this duckling of calling any wildlife agency to pick it up and "relocate" it for you. Some states (mine for one) believe that mallard ducks are nuisances and rather than relocate it for you, they will actually dispose of it for you which I find appalling. Giving it to people who raise ducks as above and want another would be a better option in my opinion.

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I found a baby duck at a school yesterday. I looked around and found no other ducklings or mother duck. I decided to bring it home. I found this site and others from a search. I bought some duck feed from a local feed mill. I also have a large cage for it. I don't know how old it is. It is still fuzzy, but it has stiff feathers coming in on it's tail and wing tips. Any clue how old? It is a Mallard by the way. I put water in my bathtub for it to swim. It is slope so that it is deeper at one end. That way it can walk out of the water. It seems to enjoy the water and even cleans its self while swimming. It also loves to crawl up under my chin and sleep. Is this normal? Is there anything i'm doing wrong or need to do differently? Any help would be great. Thank you.

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i'm almost certain they are Muscovy ducklins.
not sure what age they are at. any way to tell?
i live in south FL. on the outskirts of Ft. Lauderdale to be exact. anyone know where i can get some feed or supplies?
please and thank you for your help


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MotherDuck, Do Mallards usually fly away if you don't keep their wings clipped? I saw where you told someone that if they wanted to keep their duck as a pet and if it is a mallard then you will need to clip one side of their flight feathers, but I have a male mallard and I don't clip his or any of my other duck's wings and he or neither my muscovies ever try to fly away. Just wondering...

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We found a baby duckling. A friend who once raised a duck said it was recently hatched. It is safe with a lamp, proper water, and high walls. We can not buy food right now, and it has not eaten since yesterday (the day we got it..). We are wondering what to feed it that we do not have to buy and can make from around the house ingredients. We are going to give it to a Wildlife center soon, but until then we urgently need knowledge of what to feed this duckling.
Please Help!

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We found one last night too. It was running along a major highway overpass after a bad thunderstorm in heavy traffic...solo. We want to do whats best for the duckling at this point. He is very small and fuzzy with the start of feathers on his rear. Pretty sure he is just a regular old wild duck prevalent in Maine (mallard?) What should we do?

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We just bought a call duck from a local farm. Callie is about 3 1/2 weeks old. She's doing great. I am reading a lot of conflicting info. about having one or two ducks. Some say one is fine. Others says you should have atleast two. Right now Callie is in our house in a puppy exercise pen. I am going to get diapers for her. I would love to keep her in the house, but we have a cat who at first showed no interest and is now showing a mild interest. But, enough to make me nervous. I'm a little worried about when we vacation. I bought a lug a duk to take her/him places with us. But, I may not be able to "sneak" her in to hotels. Also, a teacher I know raised a pekin in her class. Very friendly duck. IF I should get Callie a friend, would a pekin be alright or would I be better off with the same variety? Thank you for any help.

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hey i found two mallard ducklings and i dont know what to do because everything is age specific and i dont know how old they are......they are about 2-3 inches long and about 1-2 inches wide. Thanks for you help so far.


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Luna n skippy- I would say that your ducklings are probably 1-2 weeks old at the most.That is what the size of mine were when they were one week old. Biggest issue now if that is accurate is keeping them warm. As mentioned above, they won't be able to regulate their own temperature for 7-8 weeks without their mom to rub her oil on them by lying on them at night. They do need water but normally the mom makes sure they get out before getting too chilled by getting out herself and then they follow.I would supervise their time in the water for now and use a bowl for drinking of a size that they can only stick their heads into so they can wash out their nostrils and eyes, and drink.

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I have rescued a duckling. Is there a SAFE way to make duck diapers? If not, can I buy them at local pet stores? And if I can not buy duck diapers at pet stores, where can I-buy-for-less?

And all the other impformation provided is VERY useful, but I am concerned right now about the diaper issue because I plan on keeping it as an indoor pet.

Thank-you in advance

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I also found a baby duck too! I need help. A friend found it last night in her pool, and my brother brought it over this morning. I was told it had a sibling, but it was nowhere to be found when he went to pick them up. It looks to be about 3-4 days...from what i saw on the internet. Anyways, I fed it romane lettuce and hard boiled eggs. Should i give it find grit too? what exactly is grit? like dirt or sand? I want to raise it and release it, if I can. Well, I put it in my room and closed the door. Its living in a big computer box with towels. I have a snake, should i use its heat lamp? Will it imprint on me or someone else again? I also put a stuffed mallard duck in there...hoping it might help a little. Please help! thanks everyone!
Everybody seems to be really helpful :D
Email me also!

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vstech(z7 Charlotte)

I wish I could find some baby ducks in my yard.
my muscovy's are broody, and stupid possums and raccoons are eating the eggs... arrgh!
I brought 24 in to the incubator, but I have read it's hard to incubate muscovys..

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I had read this thread earlier out of curiosity; Now I have a very tiny baby mallardÂno feathers just downÂits companion just died. This one looks pretty goodÂstanding, jumped out of one containerÂI have him in a plastic crate with a towel on the bottom, a jar lid of water, chick starter (all we have right now) and chopped lettuce. I havenÂt seen him eat anything. I have tried the tapping, putting the food right to his mouthÂhe wonÂt eatÂwhat should I do? I have never had a duck. I want to help him.

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A 60w light in one of those clamp on lights will work to keep a duck or chick warm. Most feed stores sell a red (Infa red) bulb that will fit in the same light, I think they are safer.

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He's under a 250 w heat lamp --temp about 85 degrees(we had it for the chicks but I've moved them)--I did see him eat a little. WE have 6 Buff Orphington chicks coming Friday. WOuld it be ok to put the duck with them? AT least he'd have some companionship. Right now I just want to keep him alive.

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Hi. I didn't find a baby duck rather my pet Muscovies had 10 ducklings which are now 2 months old. I do not have room for all of them therefore I am trying to find homes for them. My Muscovies are my babies and I just want homes for their babies. I am located in South Texas and if anyone is interested in them and close enough to me I will be willing to give them away to someone who is going to keep them as pets. Thanks again. I really admire all the people on the board that rescue these ducklings and give them a home.

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Hello there! My fiance and I found a baby duck in our pool as well last night. We heard him chirping, that sort of, "please help me I'm stuck" chirping. When we tried to get him out his momma duck and 4 other siblings jumped in the pool with him. We decided to leave it alone and see if the momma duck would get him out. After an hour and a half of watching him swim back and forth chirping loudly we went back downstairs and my fiance got him out and we chased all of them away from the pool (nicely, I promise). About 2 hours later we checked outside and it had happened all over again. So we did the same thing all over again and went to bed. My adoreable fiance just woke me up (4 hours later) to tell me that not only was the baby stuck again, but that the mother and siblings were no where in sight. Should we take him in and rescue him or leave him there crying frantically?? We feel horrible and she is obviously not a very bright mommy to have him get stuck AGAIN!! Thanks for your help!

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Sadly, our baby duck died this morning. We were taking shifts and kept him nice and warm in a box with a fluffy towel and paper. My fiance let for work around 10am and I dozed off. I kept checking him every 15 or 20 minutes because I would hear him chirp every once in a while and pet him and tell him it was okay. Then I woke up and found him laying in a little plate of food we gave him of very finely chopped up lettuce and tomato (I saw on one of the website that they like tomatoes and lettuce). I noticed he was moving still but his head was back and lifeless. I quickly tried to warm him up and check to see if he choked on anyhthing. Then I jumped in my car and went down the street to the vet who said he was gone. I can't believe I cried so hard over an animal we cared for for 12 hours or so. The worst part was that when I was getting in to my car I noticed that the mother had come back and was in the pool with the babies again. I told the vet what had happened and that she had left him so many times. She told me that most likely he was sick or the runt and that's why the mother kept leaving him behind. I'm not sure if she was just trying to make me feel better or not, but I still feel pretty awful. All of the what ifs are eating at me. Poor little guy, which we started calling Baby Bunny. At least he didn't die alone, cold and in the rain in our pool.

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i just found one baby duck about a weak old what can i feed him? can he eat medicated chick starter feed and what if i dont have a heat lamp? please help me!

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also can i put a baby chick in with him so hes not alone?

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Hi! I can totally relate, we fould a baby mallard this afternoon with no mommy, I want to kick my feet and act like a total baby as he died in my arms about an hour ago.
He was all alone with all these seagulls "licking their bills" I can only guess from reading the other posts that there was something wrong with Donald and that is why he didn't have his mommy with him. I don't mean to sound gross, I am glad the little guy was able to pass on the big pond in the sky being held and loved instead of being a meal for seagulls. We went to the pet food supply store and he ate a little of the starter, water, a little pool, straw and hay bed. Just when you think you are doing the right thing, nature throws ya a curve and no matter what we still lost him.
Thanks for shareing and reading my sad outcome.
Bonnie Jean

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HI, my causen brought home a baby duck and said she got it from a guy a work that almost run it over. before it got to me it was feed some bread so i need to know if it can get sick off of it and what signs to look for? i feed it some lettice and it ate alot. i got a small bowl of water that it can sit in and drink, but is that to big? this is my frist baby duck so i realy have no idea how to take care of it. the info on this site helped ALOT thx. i have no idea what kind it is or how old. its small about 31/2 inchs tall and 2 inchs wide and some feathers on its tail any advice is welcome plz e-mail me at asap plz thx, daniel

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hey we found one and really need help. no bread for sure then? and can i hold it or will that make it unlined by other ducks? and is lettuice good for it? we have wet dogfood for it (hard food soaked in water). PLEASE HELP SOON!!

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aleksandras(7 NC)

Here is link to birdwatching forum with lot of information

Here is a link that might be useful: Help! I Found a Baby Bird! What Do I Do?

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A baby duck just walked right-up to me a few days ago with no momma in sight. I think he was only a day or two old when he found me. I'm pretty sure he's a Mallard (though I'm not sure he's a "he"). I made him a snug little bed inside a big plastic box. He's got a desk lamp for heat. (And I have a thermometer - it's about 88 degrees in there, next to the bed.) I dissolved some wild game feed (recommended by the feed store - no antibiotics) in a shallow dish of water, and he sloshed his little beak around in it like he was at least drinking the dissolved bits. I also mushed-up some fruit and put in a shallow dish of water. He has a votive holder of clean water to wash his little beak in. He seems to be eating the solid food now. His poop has gone from yellow liquid to green liquid, to mostly solid, which I think must be good. He's energetic when he's up, but also sleeps a lot. Anyone have anything else to contribute? Oh, he also has a mirror that he sleeps next to. He seems to like that a lot. It makes me think he's lonely though, and that makes me sad.

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I also found two baby ducks. One seems to be injured. Mama was no wheere to be seen. They mysteriously appeared in my smal backyard with my three dogs. They must have been hatched there but I don't see where. I thought mama must have droped them out of the sky. She did show up this morning. She landed in the pool. I wish I could somehow retun them to her.

I ive in Bakersfield California. If there is anyone near here who would like them. I love the little guys but believe they would be happier in the wild or with someone who has a pond.

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Hi All, I found a baby duck (Mallard) drowning in the pond. The mother has 6 other chicks and swam off with them leaving this one behind. I swam out and rescued it only to find it has two deformed feet. 3 days ago it was not able to keep up with the mom and it's siblings. However, I have been feeding and exercising it and now it is much stronger. My question is this: Since it has deformed feet, will the mother just lave it again? Or now that it is stronger and can (maybe) keep up with the family, will it be ok? Before it was unable to jump out of the pond with the rest of the family so it would just swim around and around get tired and almost drown, until I rescued it twice. I can not keep this duck as a pet because we live full time in a motorhome. I gave it back to the mom the day after I found it, and she swam off and left it alone a second time. It definitely wants to go with the mom and siblings and they hang out in my back yard all day hearing this poor little guy chirping.

I wonder how many days I can keep it and have the mom still accept it back. OR because of the feet, will she just abandon it over and over again?

Thanks, Lucky Ducky's surrogate Mom

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yesterday a duck walked up to me while i was taking care of my lawn its yellow white and stands about a foot tall and seems to be in perfect health today its walking up to my screenporch and seems to be calling to me what should i do

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

mine always comes to my porch because she knows I will feed her. She also gets lonely and they are flock animals and like to be with others even the human kind if thats what they are use to.
Is she in danger of predators? If so you may need to find her a safe place to stay.If you do not want her call animal control or Humane Society,someone may have lost there pet. If they won't take her put it on craigs list as a pet duck for free.If you have chickens feed some crumbles. Make sure she has water deep enough to cover her bill. Its hot out here don't know about where you are but they need water at all times.

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Do not put ANY animal on Craigs list free!It will wind up snake food or dog bait!

    Bookmark   June 23, 2009 at 8:54PM
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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I got my ducks from Craigs list and I have no intention of eating them Their eggs maybe but not them.We just spent a fortune on building new coops and we take excellent care of them,spoil them actually with two ponds and a creek to float around in during the day.And yes we name them as they all have the coolest personalities!

    Bookmark   June 24, 2009 at 8:11PM
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Hello I found a baby duck and have taken him in.... i will get all the supplies to take care of him but i was wondering. I only have him..... is that ok? I mean all the other babies have a mommmy and i don't want to take one away from her.... is there a chance that she will take him in? I mean he smells like human now and i know that some birds won't take the young back once they smell of human.... what should I do... the little guy is sooo cute sitting in my lap!

    Bookmark   July 2, 2009 at 5:05PM
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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Are you home all day?Everything I read said do not raise only one. I had three but predators got two and lest my cuyuga who is black. she became attached to us even though we were raising ducklings to be her buddies she didnt want them Now they are bigger she finally accepts them
Ducks are exremely messy. I was cleaning pens constantly and feeding three times a day and constantly cleaning the water. I kept mine in a pen until they were full grown and feathered. Straw here is 12 bucks a bale and must be changed often.
Now I have 11 ducks all enjoying the property and pond but they are still a LOT of work and must be penned away from night predators come dark.

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Since March My husband and I are feeding duck families with babies. We are also involved in finding the mother of lost babies and that happened a lot! most of the Babies are bigger now, and eat much more and a lot of family with different size babies are coming to eat. At the moment we buy the food in petco. Does anyone know of a farmers supply store that we can buy a bigger bag for a better price.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

We get crumbles from either trading post or Tractor Supply store. Make sure it is UNMEDICATED>
Make sure they have acsess to water so they don't choke.
Ducks eat all day,bugs,worms plants. Ours will bypass by duck food to eat the maggots under the dish!
It's a wonderful life.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

You should avoid feeding duck families, wild ducks grow lazy on human feedings and do not pass on those important duck survival species to the next generation.

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The EXACT same thing happened to me! Thanks for the info!

I raise guinea pigs and they took to the little duckling very well, they cuddle with it and stuff.

    Bookmark   June 10, 2010 at 8:16PM
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ok heres the deal i was outside feeding the mother duck and daddy duck like i do every day for years now and i noticed the mother duck was away from the daddy duck NOT USUAL! well so i new we had baby duck EGGS but no clue they had hatched.. well they had that very day becayse there they were swimming right beside mother duck. so we couldnt tell how many because they were so far out in the pond so while the mother was away we looked in the nest and there were 1,2,3,4,5,and oh my gosh!!!!a duckling. i was home alon and afaraid. but then i thought well maybe it just hatched so i walked away didnt touch it and went inside. i checked three times that very day and every time i looked the baby was in the nest the others were not. well before i went to bed i felt the erge to check 1 more time so as im walking down to the nest i stop. there that one duckling is lying in the middle of the yard alone and scared. so i left it wonderin were the mother was she was in the nest with the others so appearently she kicked it out. i called my mom asked her what to do. she said put on gloves take it near the nest and see if it joins them. so i did sure enough it went straight back out the mother didnt like it.... if you no what i mean. so i had no choice... i coulldnt leave it outside alon and the mom wouldnt take it so i did.i put it in a box with grass bedding,a teddybear,water-only a container he could dip his head in, and some chopped up worms and bread... i have no clue what to do i also relized he was the runt..maybe thats why she left it. today it is 2 days old and his name is lucky..he is very my questions he is a mallard duckling soo...what do i feed him? what is the best way to get him to eat cuse he wont eat, were is the best envirment right now hes in a sunroom were its warm but not hot.. and also.. just basically HOW DO I RAIS THIS DUCKLING!!??? help me please im only 13 and have no clue what to do!!he is a very playful and funn little guy he loves to swim in the bathtub and be held.also is it normal for the father duck to not like the ducklings,stay seperated from them, and nip at them when they come around him?? lots of questions i no but please help me and LUCKY!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Bookmark   July 13, 2010 at 11:09AM
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is that all they eat this is ansley lucky if you read my story you would under clueless and attatched couldnt stand to let lucky die. please help me i have no clue on what nutrition requires for a duck do they really eat plants if so what kind?

    Bookmark   July 13, 2010 at 8:07PM
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So while my dogs and I were away for vacation this year a duck came and layer three eggs in our yard. (I have a small pong on the back with small bushes and that's where my dogs found them) I left the eggs for two days and put a small fence around the pond and bushes in hopes the duck would fly back to hatch the eggs. She never did. So I took them inside today and have them on a heating pad. I spray water on them often. I don't have a heat lamp and buying an incubator is out of my options. I don't want to leave the little guys to die? How else can I keep them warm? And when they are old enough, what do I feed them? Something natural and easy to get. I know, not bread. Well thank you(:

    Bookmark   April 24, 2011 at 11:50AM
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I had my 1 - 2 month old ducks out in our yard freely and went in side for a few hours and came back and one was dead and another had a hole in his back. WHAT HAPPENED? We live in a upscale neighborhood - I think a dog - that someone was walking?? It was noon time. They stay locked up in our shed in a pen at night to be safe but I let them free all day since we live on a huge pond. We have 6 of them now 5. The older one we found dead but not eaten. The smaller baby one has a little bloody hole in his tail back area and seems fine but I don't know what to do - it looks deep. This is why I am writing. I can't find any vets here in the city that work with ducks. I don't know how to help it. Any advise please!!!!!

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I work at a school where we have a large enclosed lawn area in the middle of the building. There is an old nonworking fountain in there that collects water. Each Spring ducks nest there. Now we have 12 ducklings. The mother and father are with them. There is no way for them to get out, and the ducklings can not get to the water. There is plenty of grass for food, but the water is a concern. We don't know if we should move them, add some kind of a kiddie pool, or leave them alone. In the past they have all died. Any suggestions?

    Bookmark   April 28, 2011 at 7:36AM
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Our yard is a lake and the geese had their babies. My daughter saw a lone baby geesling and picked it up. Mama came hissing over and so she put it back. She was crying because she thought mama goose would ignore it. Her dad yelled at her and told her once her human scent was on it, they would leave it. But she sat there with me and we watched mom and dad take it back and swim away together. She meant no harm. She loves animals and thought this little one was abandoned. Dad is sticking to his story it true? Thanks

    Bookmark   May 5, 2011 at 8:14PM
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Yesterday I spotted 8 baby mallards in my pond - 1st time in 26 years as I own dogs and cats. Today after work I checked and there are now 4. I found the feathers from the mother so I know they are on their own. I tried to catch them with a pool net and the only thing I caught was probably a good case of poison ivy. Does anyone know how to catch them? I would like to transfer them to the Audubon.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2011 at 8:02PM
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hi i baought a baby dck and i cant figure out what kid it is it has yellow fus all around it and a slight brown fuz circle around its neck ........ also becuse it is so young when e bought it it thinks my little baby bunny is its mom i think because it follows it every where and peeps when we cant find it does any one know how to tell what the little duckling is

    Bookmark   May 17, 2011 at 4:02PM
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My mom picked me up from archery today and told me that she had found a duckling in the middle of the road and "adopted" it, she tried to look for the mother but couldn't find it. So now I, a 16 year old, am looking after the dear while my family is busy. I've set up a red lamp form my old sicence project and kept it on the computer desk while the duckling is in a large storage plastic box with newspaper spread out (not shredded) and two small bowls, one with water, another with some duck starter seed mom said she bought. I also put a towel over half of the box and will turn the lamp on/off when I worry if the duckling is too hot/cold. However, the duckling won't eat, and is lying on its back in a corner breathing slowly; like a human sleeping. So is it just tired or is it dying? I don't want an innocent animal to die just because we couldn't find out what was wrong. :( please and thnak you to anyone who responds.

    Bookmark   May 18, 2011 at 7:25PM
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I heard my dog barking uncontrollably today and I looked outside--she was on a leash--and she was trying to get at a baby duck. It looks like a mallard duck to me. My son and I caught it. The mother and other ducklings are nowhere to be found. We have it in a box with some water but we have no idea what to do. Should we turn it into a pet store? My son wants to keep it but I'm not so sure. My husband drove around but couldn't find the mother anywhere. Any suggestions????

    Bookmark   May 18, 2011 at 7:53PM
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Hey today I found a baby duck I do not even think. He is a week out. I put him in a bot with a heat lamp an water an some beading. I don't have a way to get him pet suppplies till bussness hours. What should an how should. I feed him

    Bookmark   May 22, 2011 at 8:57PM
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I am trying to figure out if my baby duck is ok - I found his yesterday - he is sleeping alot and hasnt eatin- he has been running around the box today but not since this morning - he kinda hops and runs forward - I cant figure out if he is ok help?! oh and he must be young ( has egg tooth still)

    Bookmark   May 24, 2011 at 4:37PM
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found a lil duck today on the side of a busy street . No mother duck . Got starter food ,water dish , and gave it to a wild rescue .

    Bookmark   May 30, 2011 at 2:34AM
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We have ducks on our farm and a couple of them might have a disease.Maybe its because I give our ducks the rotten feed and our chickens the good feed.Anyway they are perfectly normal except that when they walk, they roll onto their sides and cant get up unless you help them.I let them out on our yard but I dont know if I should anymore because if they roll over somewhere and I dont know,they could die or get eaten.PLEASE HELP BEFORE OUR WHOLE FLOCK IS GONE!!!

    Bookmark   July 5, 2011 at 5:07PM
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i think you should just eat it

    Bookmark   July 5, 2011 at 8:16PM
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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

Zebra, could they have bumblefoot?

It's odd that more than one is having this at the same time, but that might be a possibility for that kind of behavior It's a strep infection of the feet, and potentially either curable or fatal, depending on what you do.


    Bookmark   July 10, 2011 at 10:40AM
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HELP ME! Yesterday I was walking down the street when I saw six little baby Mallards, and after examining the surrounding, there was no sign of the mother. Then suddenly out of no where, a Red-Tailed Hawk flew in and swept two of the little guys away. I rounded up the remaining four and took them home. I researched a little on the Internet and I came to the conclusion that they were 2-4 weeks old. I put them in a large cardboard box with some old towels, food, water, and a heating lamp that I used from my chickens a while back. I called the Autobahn Society and they said that because there was no mom, they would have trouble trying to take care of them, so I decided to take care of them on my own. Is there any important things that I should be aware about for taking care of them, and any steps I should take when they get older?

    Bookmark   July 10, 2011 at 5:13PM
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I Found a baby duck that is about 1week old She or He already has feathers and is Brown and Yellow.what can i Feed it?is it ok to Feed it bread with milk?

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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

Ideally, feed them special mash you get for ducklings at a feed store. Chick mash is okay, though not as good as waterfowl/game bird mash. Plenty of fresh drinking water, and keep them warm!

    Bookmark   August 6, 2011 at 10:02AM
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my duck is setting one of the egges hatched but the ants got to it before i new there are two more eggs what can i do to stop this

    Bookmark   August 12, 2011 at 8:32AM
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I had a baby duck born yesterday(I think premature). It is very weak and not walking. It chirps and flips over but that is all. It's eyes are not open and I am worried we will lose it. It was born with it's yolk sac still out but it has absorbed today. Any advice?? I don't want this little baby to die :(

    Bookmark   September 29, 2011 at 4:21PM
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This is an old thread, so I hope someone is still reading it as I have not figured out how to make a new thread.

My neighbor's dogs scarred a mallard mother this morning. She was going through our neighborhood with tiny babies and one got separated. I tried to find her to get the baby back because we have a lot of cats around here and neighbors that let their dogs run a bit.

I can't keep this duck as a pet because I have two large indoor cats that have never seen a duck and would go after it. They are 14 years old, so no, they will not adjust to the baby. I want to be able to release this baby mallard back to the wild when it can fend for itself. I have read a lot on line and see that mother Mallards will not adopt another baby. I have also read that they will attach themselves to a caregiver and need to be with another duck. I am presently unemployed and can not afford to get a second duck.
How can I raise this baby so it can be released to the wild? I do have a large cat carrier so I can keep it inside where it is warm while it is very small. It's probably a couple days old at the most. I have a three season room where I raise Monarch butterflies and it would be easy to outfit it for this baby. I was planning to get a few chickens until I lost my job. (The chickens have been postponed because I need to build the coop after I get a job again.) The coop will be attached to the three season room because it will be easy for me maintain the coop and care for the chickens in a sheltered location. I do have a nice back yard with gardens and a large wood fence and I am sure there is something growing there that I can feed this baby.

Thanks and I hope someone is still reading this thread.

So how do I do this?

    Bookmark   July 28, 2014 at 11:39AM
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