HAVE: perennials, annuals, veggie and fruit

garden_love(4)March 1, 2013

Hi everyone! I need a few things for my container veggie garden. here is what I have and the amount of trades i have for each:

1 Verbena-on-a-stick
2 Amaranth ' Love Lies Bleeding'
2 Zebra Grass
1 Hibiscus ' Lady Baltimore'
1 Shasta Daisy 'Alaska'
1 Ruby Grass
2 Dianthus 'Arctic Fire'
2 Liularia Denta
1 Baloon Flower- blue and white mix
4 Rose of Sharo. - Hot pink
3 Canna Indica
1 German Chamomile
2 Hardy Hibiscus
2 Pink Oleander
1 Ox eye daisy 'May Queen'
1 Purple Tansy
1 Mini Daisy


1 Morning Glory mix
1 Marigold mix 'Hero gold & Lemon Drop
3 Marigold Mix
1 Cleome
1 Cosmos 'Bright Lights Mix'
1 Baby's Breath
1 Celosia Plumosa


1 Radish ' French Breakfast'
2 Radish ' Sparkler'
2 Radish ' Daikon'
2 Carrot 'Chantenay'
2 Carrot ' Red Cored Chantenay'
2 Carrot ' Danvers Half Long'
2 Carrot ' Short n Sweet'
1 Leek ' American Flag'
1 Cucumber ' Marketmore 76'
1 Stringless pole bean ' blue lake'
2 Guava
1 Bradford pear

these are the seeds im looking for. If you have a container suitable veggie that I did not list, just ask i may want it:

Beans: Bush 'Blue Lake', Ramano, Tender Crop
Broccoli: DeCicco, Green Comet
Carrots: Tiny Sweet
Cucumber: Patio Pil, Pot Luck, Space Monster
Lettuce: Ruby, Salad Bowl
Onion: any bunching or scallions exept american flag
Peppers: Banana, Wonder
Radish: Cherry Belle

Greek Oregano
Bush Basil
Summer Savory

Thanks for looking! Hope we can trade!

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I have italian flat leaf parsley & iceberg lettuce with a few jalapeno for trade.

Love lies bleeding is what I am interested in.

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Your seeds will be on there way tomorrow!

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Good evening, am starting over and would like to see if we can trade.

Amaranth ' Love Lies Bleeding'
Hibiscus ' Lady Baltimore'
Dianthus 'Arctic Fire'
Rose of Sharo. - Hot pink
German Chamomile
Hardy Hibiscus

Please let me know if I have anything , JQ

Here is a link that might be useful: My trade list:

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JACQPURPLE I have emailed you!

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