How to tame your vines?

dcrosby(5MA)June 1, 2012

Dear Garden Folk,

I foolishly planted my cukes, squash and zucchini in a smallish spot. I garden in a community plot and am concerned that my vines will creep into my tomato patch and into my neighbors plot Is there a way to manipulate the vines?



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The zucchini will stay put, it will just get big. The cukes sprawl and are best trellised as coarlb suggests. The squash can be trained. Use some stiff wire like fence wire and bend it into a U shaped staple, about 5-6" long. train the vine where you want it to go, and secure it in place with the wire staple, pinning the vine against the ground. Give it a bit of space to allow for growth/expansion. Keep training this way and you can pretty much make it go where ever you want.

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if i start winding the cukes up a tomato cage will they eventually start growing that way by themselves? can i train the squash to climb a tomato cage as well?

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Once you get your cukes started they will climb by themselves. Zucchini and yellow squash do not have tendrils to help them climb. Also, the ones I have grown would be to big to hold themselves up on a cage. I think M_lorne was talking about training your squash along the ground.

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I'm with m_lorne. Unless you have special plants, your zuchini and yellow squash won't vine, they just grow wide. Within limits, you can just move pumpkin and winter squash vines where you want them.

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Well, I moved the zuchini and the squash out so that they'l have more room and set old tomato cages over the cukes. I think i've got it under control
Thanks for the help!


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