Buck becoming agressive with does in heat

nubiansrusMay 1, 2008

We have a 3 yr old Nubian buck that is bottle feed and very well

behaved in most cases. He has breed one of our does two years in a row

no problems. We have decided to add a few more does. This year for some

reason he is acting overly aggressive, and even down right cruel to the

does, even when they are in heat.

We are in arizona, a very hot part of arizona and are breeding on the

offtime to make sure the kids are not born in 110+ weather. I was told

the does will come into heat still if put with the buck... this seemed

to be happening but he doesnt seem to wanna breed them. He will but

them into the fence over and over, and even lifted one doe up by her

leg and held it in his horns. Yes he as well as the does are horned.

This was my choice because of safety issues from coyotes and wild dogs

out here being around so much. Anyways. Is this normal? How can I breed

them and not risk them being killed? The buck is very well behaved with

us and has never turned his horns to us.

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If it is possible to separate them and put him in a pen that shares a fence with the does, your does will still be able to smell him and hopefully go into heat when you want. When your does go into a standing heat (tail wagging and discharge) you can bring your doe into his pen and either hold her while he does his business or let her loose in his pen and then take her out after she is bred. He is still a young buck and it may take him a while to settle down with the new girls.

But, I think if you could separate them it would be safer for your does.


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He is already seperated from them, a connected but well enforced pen. They are only put in there when I think they are in heat. The last doe I put in with him was standing and lifting and swishing her tail at him. But he wanted to beat her up and did not at all try to mount her.

Yeah I currently dont have anyone in with him because Im afraid hell hurt them. I have thought about trying hand breeding him since he is a well behaved boy. It just doesnt seem in the mood to breed.

So you think bringing in the new girls brought on the agression even if he is aggressive to the first doe he has breed before as well?

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Well, you have increased his "harem" and the number of girls he has to impress. Does he still get all looney and blubbery around the does in heat? Has he still been urinating on his face/beard? Has he bred anyone this year? With Oberhasli's they have a specific breeding season Sept-Mar, give or take a month or so. I thought Nubians would breed year round. How long have you left the doe in with him? If she is in standing heat and he is ready, you know it only takes 10 minutes for him to romance her and get it done. Maybe you could try holding him and have someone hold the doe and see if that works.


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Well to be honest he doesnt seem very interested at all. The first doe that he has breed before, her name is Gypsy. Gypsy was the first one we put in with him thinking that familiar would be better for the first one. She came into heat, was Urinating at him and flirting... and I think they breed... didnt witness it but she stopped the behavor for 24 hours, the next day hubby saw the buck ramming her into the fence and she was taken out.. that was a little over a month ago, not sure if she was breed but is looking a little fat in the right areas. But with the new ones he shows no interest... at least not when we are around... which is alot. The first female Gypsy we saw him romancing her, but have not seen him doing the same with any of the others, not even the doe I know is in heat. He is def not in full rut because when he is that is rather obvious... Im wondering if Im jumping the gun and its just not his time to go into rut/breed.

I think Im gonna try hand breeding, and Im also gonna try putting the whole herd together again. I put him in a pen by himself because of safety reasons for a few of the herd. [one was his wether brother he was taking advatage of, and the other a doe we arent breeding that doesnt have live babies] But put him with the rest of the herd does and wethers too because thats how he was before.

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