Lump from Trauma.

nubiansrusMay 27, 2008

We added a 2 yr old Nubian mix to our herd about 48 hours ago. I put her in the most docile pen because she is quite the sweet girl. Well the pens are connected together and this girl got curious of the others and got her head stuck in the fence [before anyone says anything it has been fixed so it cant happen again, and she is currently alone] But when she put her head in the fence and got it stuck we think someone must have horned her. Because she has a lump on the side of her face, and a mark on her neck. She otherwise seems find except a bit stressed which I figure being new and what happened is pretty normal. Is there anything I can do for it and should I have the vet out? The vets are really hard to get out here. She does not have a fever. She runs around and is active and everything. Eating and drinking but not as much as Id like but she is very nervous being new here. She was even before this. Any suggestions is appreciated.

First how pretty she is...

Now the lump

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she could have just hurt it when she realized she was stuck and she freaked.Animals freak out when they think theyre caught.does she hold still maybe put ice pak on????

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Could you put hydrogen peroxide on the cut? Just watch it doesn't get an abcess. What a sweet girl you have there! :)

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