How much to charge for a baby goat!

natalie312(9)May 31, 2009


I was just wondering how much to charge for a baby male pygmy goat. They will be dehorned befor we sell them, and fixed. Im not sure what the father is but the mother is deffentially full breed. They look full breed but not fro sure. The mother is registrated.

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I usually charge between $25.00 and $50.00 for a wether that has been dehorned and neutered.


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Natalie, I got to thinking about it and a caveat to my previous reply is what I charge for dairy goat wethers. I forgot that with pygmy's the wethers can be shown at shows whereas dairy goat wethers cannot. Apples and oranges, huh? I usually sell my wethers to someone for use as a pack/trail goat. I am sure you could ask more for your pygmy than I get for dairy wethers. Maybe you could find out through your county extension agent the name of a farm that also has pygmy's and see what they charge.


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looks like $200 is reasonable.

Depends on where you live. Calif would be higher priced then northern Maine.

Here is a link that might be useful: for sale

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I used to have pygmy goats, and have friends who used to breed and sell them, and they were between $60-80 for wethers. But I bought my first pair, a brother and sister pair, for $80. This is in WI. But I also, around here, sometimes see dairy goat wethers sell as cheaply as $10 a piece. So maybe we're cheaper here. But when we had goats, I would have expected about $60 to be reasonable for a pygmy wether.

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I would NEVER pay $200 for a whether. When I was in the market they were $50-60 here. I opted for the Nigerians, one polled one dehorned, $30 each.

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Wow. It certainly depends where you are! Does start at $200-$400. Bucks $150-250, whethers 75-125. These prices are for purepreds, though, disease tested for the most part.

Salebarn goats go for $30-70, though you can almost guarantee something wrong with them, sometimes you can get lucky & find one that the owners just lost interest in and not have CAE, CLA, or Johnes.

Here though, we do not have year round pasture, oftentimes having to haul hay from quite a bit away. We're covered in snow/ice sometimes from Nov/Dec through Mar/April, depends, so the price to raise them is higher than some other areas. Plus, it's a bit more residential so that limits the breeders/choices.


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