Coupla Goat Questions

msjay2u(7)May 21, 2008

1- has anyne used food grade DE to deworm goats and if yes did it work or did you have to supplement with something? How much DE do you use?

2- I am getting 2 goats. I am told they are Pygmies but looking at the ears I doubt it. Here is a picture of the kids:

note the floppy ears

here is the mother. she has all the markings of a Pygmy: helicopter ears, white muzzle short hair

she does not know what the father is. What are your thoughts on the breed? Could these kids be Kinders?

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Could be Nigerian Dwarf crosses.

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That is what I was thinking a Pygmy and Nigerian cross which is what they call a Kinder. I just hope these kids don't grow up to be giants

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maybe nubian crossed with pygmy??

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she said today Boar and Pygmy. I wonder what they will look like big??? Anyone have this combo goat out there??

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As I read through I was thinking boer/pygmy. We have a Nubian pygmy and she doesnt look anything like those.

Ive heard very good things about DE with horses and goats and plan to get some soon. A good friend or ours has used it for years. Just make sure they give you food grade, and not accidently not do it.

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Your pygmy does not look like which? The babies or the mother? Well the mother is definately a pygmy. The babies look pygmy in the face but the ears throw you off. But she said the father is Boer. One kid has a little white around the eyes and muzzle, white on the forehead, darker dorsal and darker boots. Their hair is kinda Pygmy type. From what I see they have all the characteristics of the Pygmy except the ears. It is kind of weird to me but they are cute. I am wondering what the mix looks like grown. Just a mutt probably.

I do have the food grade DE and it was very hard to find. I tried mixing a half teaspoon in their food and it made them sneeze and ther refused to eat it. Finally after 2 days they lightly ate some but they definately do not like it. I spread some on the ground under the hay and I think I noticed no flies. I did just clean the pen so I guess I will wait to see what happens after a few days.

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