Elec Fence Question

msjay2u(7)May 21, 2008

I had someone put up an electric fence for me. One part of my area is very slopy. The person put the fence line to follow the slope of the land. Consequently some areas are low on the top where I think the goats can jump over it if they wanted to. Some areas the fence is high because of the dip and they can easily crawl under it. I have logs in front of it but they have managed to crawl under the fence. Right now I have them in a contained area until I can figue out how to fix this issue. Has anyone had this problem and how has it been remedied?


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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

Where the fence it too high and they can go under it if it's not across a stream where you can't put in a post, put another post in the low area. If you can't put a post there wrap electric fence wire around something heavy, like an appropriate sized rock, and tie it to the fence to pull the wire down. If you need to run a double strand of fencing if you think you need it.


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you just gave me an idea. I might put a seperate piece of fence in the dips and then put a connection to the hot wires. I have 4 strands on the main fence

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