How long until spaghetti squash ripens?

homegardener2009(6b SE PA)June 17, 2009

I have a spaghetti squash that I pollinated a few days ago. It seems to be taking off quite well--about 2 in. long so far. I have the Irish Spring soap next to it, which seems to be keeping the deer away from this one. So, if all goes well, about how long will it take for it to ripen? Do they just take off like zucchini, or do they need time to harden like other winter squash? I have it trellised. Will it need support, or does it not get that heavy? I have many other baby ones on the vine. Do the vines produce many at once? Thanks.

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I have grown spaghetti squash in NC. They are prolific producers and get rather large. My squashes averaged about 3.5 lbs. I let mine sprawl out on the ground and the squash sat on straw mulch. I hope you have a very strong trellis. How many plants?
When the leaves begin to die, the squash will turn yellow. They can be kept for a few months if they are kept cool and dry. I cure mine by keeping in a warm(70), dark place for about a week after I dip it in a weak bleach solution to kill any fungus that may promote rot. I also keep it away from other ripening fruit or veggie, because the ethylene gas given off by the ripening process will affect storage for the worse.
Good luck and enjoy.

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homegardener2009(6b SE PA)

Thanks for the reply. I have two plants, and they are trellised on cheap tomato cages. They're quickly outgrowing them, though, and will probably end up just sprawling all over the ground.

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