Goose eggs died at term, under broody?

dirtslinger2(6)June 18, 2008

Any idea why this would happen? Healthy geese on pasture with chicken feed supplemented once every few days. They're on a pond with a little open air but covered shelter.

Both goose and gander were broody for 31!! days, when I cracked one egg and found a fully developed dead gosling.

Pretty awful!

Is there anything I can do to help them along for the next time?

Thanks, for any tips.

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

I've had this happen with goose eggs under a broody hen. One theory is that if the eggs are too thick, the gosling can't break out. But if your geese are on pasture with just a grain supplement (as opposed to a layer formula) this seems unlikely. I'm afraid I don't have any other ideas. It is heartbreaking to be so close to having live goslings... and end up with nothing. Did you check the other eggs or are you still hoping for a hatch?

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Hey Maggie,
that was the whole clutch. But the other pair was mating last week, so there is always hope of more eggs... but you know how it goes right!! Grr.

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awwww sorry for your loss. I know that had to have been heartbreaking!!

I tried to look it up on the Internet and I found this. It is about chickens but might apply for geese as well??

The trouble is dryness. Try making the nest on the ground with a covering of straw or hay to lay the eggs on. If the ground itself is dry, moisten all around with plenty of water. The moisture from the surrounding earth will penetrate to the nest, but if it does not you need not be afraid to take the eggs out of the nest and pour warm water on the ground, then put the hay or straw back again and replace the eggs. The shells are too hard and tough. They need artificial moisture under hens just as with incubators, only not so much.

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This is my first post so bare with me if I seem like an idiot. I have 2 one year old saddleback geese. I've been under the impression that one is male and one is female. The female (darla) laid non fertile eggs late late last fall, she sat on them a little but lost interest. I knew the eggs weren't fertile because I interact with my ducks and geese ALOT and witness a lot of the mating that goes on. My two geese were not mating. To my complete shock I saw Clyde my male (or so I thought) making and sitting on his own nest the other morning! WHAT? now I'm completely confused, always thought he was a male because he's bigger than Darla. Call me crazy. He's more stand-offish than darla and just acts like a gander. Do I have two females? And if there is no male goose around why are they making nests? If they lay non fertile eggs in the nest will they sit on them endlessly?
I have two new baby goslings coming this thur. I simply cannot wait to get them! I am a water fowl fanatic! Love love love my geese and ducks (I have 10 ducks) 3 baby Rouen and 1 runner duckling. The rest are all adults! Mallard, Swedish blue, white crested, 3 magpie!

Any info at all is greatly appreciated!

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