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lanaeJune 21, 2009

I am raising pigs for freezer meat. I am now feeding them 17% grower/finisher hog feed, however, I was told I could feed them sweet feed (horse feed) for a cheaper price, which would really work for the budget. I would like to know if feeding them sweet feed would at all hinder the health of the pig or the meat it would provide for my family, versus regular hog feed. Any info would be great!!

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you should do some searches on GW also.

Here is a link that might be useful: search

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You could use the horse feed, but if it has cottenseed in it, it will make them ill Feeding pigs is an exact science. If you buy what they need, they will get to market weight sooner than with any other kind of feed and cost you less in the long run, plus your meat will taste like it is supposed to. I have been raising hogs for 25 years, so I do know what i am talking out.

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