Potatoes for Fall Crop

ourhappyhome(7B)June 21, 2008

I'm a complete novice when it comes to growing white potatoes. I've been researching this online and can't seem to find much information on fall planting. Why are potatoes planted only in the Spring? If possible/reasonable, I'd like to plant and harvest in the fall, not overwinter. I'm in Georgia zone 7B. Would it be possible to plant an early, heat resistant variety and actually get a good harvest? I have a few experimental seed potatoes. These would be planted in say ?? early September ?? September temps average 81/64, October temps average 72/51, our first frost is usually early November, with November and December temps around 60/40.

Oh, and what about planting now? If fall planting is a bad idea, can they be planted in June or July in zone 7b? Thanks!


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here in alabama i planted my potatoes in may (yes got a late start on every thing due to alot of rain early on) not sure what the harvest will be doing but sure got alot of plant going on from what i understand (novice potato grower here) long as you keep hilling them they will grow ga vs al not alot of differnece i would say go ahead and plant them see what happens.

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

I found a site for Georgia fall planting dates that said to plant no later than August 15. I planted my spring planting late this year and I looked the other day and they had made potatoes so evidently heat in the 80's isn't that bad a thing. At least in the fall it's getting cooler.

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Bigfoot, Shebear, I'm so encouraged! What variety are you growing? I love Yukon gold.

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

If I plant, I'll probably do a small red variety. Or maybe a fingerling. I'm not sure I can get seed potatoes here at this time of year so I guess I'll visit the organic section at Whole Foods and pick some up. I hate doing that but since food gardening isn't a big thing here, I have to roll with the punches.

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I am a novice too. Since I have never been able to get an early start I have tried planting potatoes in the summer for harvest in the fall. Some of the main season varieties take more than 110 days, so you just have to make sure there is enough time before frost. Probably not a big deal for you in GA. Last year, none of my potatoes came up. I did some research and it turns out, potatoes have a hard time when the soil in above 85 degrees. Certain fugal conditions are prevalent in the hot soil. I read it is not uncommon for a field to be planted two or three times in the Summer. This year, I dug the holes the night before, planted very early in the morning before it gets hot. (To seal in the coolness)I put newspaper on top of the seed potatoes, with holes cut in, and then covered with dirt. From what I read wet soil promotes fungus, but they can be lightly irrigated to cool the soil by evaporation. Mine have just come up. So I am very excited after the total failure last year. HTH.

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potatoes are warm climate crop that is whay they are planted in spring- but hey you could try and see

Here is a link that might be useful: Howto Grow Potatoes

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

eplina.......Georgia is pretty warm way into the year. I doubt they have a freeze before mid-November and it'll probably only drop below freezing for an hour or two....probably during the early morning.

The south has two planting seasons. One starts cold and turns hot and the other starts hot and turns cold. Hell is the two months in between.

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Wait till mid July (Ga.) cut your seed potatoes and plant. Keep em moist thru those hot Ga. months. You should have a crop within 90 days, you;ll know when the plant's ready to harvest when they start to to die back after flowering. Just go in the hills and fill around. If you are in red dirt Ga. land go with Red Pontiac, if you are in the Coastal Plains you can plant pretty much what you want to, but watch out for leaching in the soil, They are heavey feeders and since this is your first crop don't worry about scab.

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I've heard older people say that you can plant potatoes
In the dark nights of august and
Get a good crop brfore frost. You won't have as
Many potatoes but they will be good ones

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For what it's worth, I planted two sprouted and sectioned supermarket white potatoes about two weeks ago. I used 100% rotted compost and have about 14 stout green stems with small leaves poking up through the mulch. I keep them shaded from the hot August sun in order to keep the soil from going above ambient temperature, which has been reaching 90. Low temps have been in the mid 70s. This is an experiment, and I'm a first-timer for potatoes, so I have no idea if I'll get a harvest. The leaves look happy, as if they're tolerating the heat, but I don't know if much will happen down below unless temps get considerably cooler. I'm counting on it. I'm in region 6b in north central Arkansas.

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Also planted organic russet potatoes in part shade in mid-August for harvest in late November or early December depending on the weather. A month later we have knee high plants, so quite vigorous start as compared to spring plantings. We plan to keep adding mulch to hill them up.

They're a cool season crop, so depending on the variety mature in about 3-4 months and are tops are hardy to freezing temps. With mulch tubers should be fine underground.

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