Help with chicken breed-Pic heavy

coconut_njJune 16, 2009

Hi. I've spent several evenings trying to figure out what kind of chickens I have with little success. I say I have but the chickens really 'belong' to my friend/neighbor a couple of houses away in our very rural town. Over the past couple years this band has preferred spending their time in my next door neighbors yard and now in my yard. Needless to say my friend does nothing to keep them in. They have quite a few who stay in their yard along with ducks and geese. Anyway, they have produced a lot of roosters. There is only one or two hens for each rooster at this point. The flock that comes over here numbers from around 8 to 12 chickens. Last week I found a nice clutch of 12 eggs in a basement window well. I checked them for freshness and they were all in the very fresh category [all staying on bottom of water bowl]. I have just become very curious what kind of chickens these are. I can't seem to get a hold of my friend to find out. If any one can help, I'd appreciate it. Here are a few pictures. Not very good. I'll try to get better ones if you need them. They are two colors but seem to be the same breed. Some are white with the 'striped' neck and chest feathers and black tail feathers and black wing tips. The others are red with black tails and black wing tips and a variegated similar neck/chest feathers. Naked yellow legs. Eggs are light brown. Sorry the post is so long. BTW, my big ole dog likes them and doesn't mind sharing the yard with them.

What's left of the eggs. Smiles.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Well, the fellas look quite stocky with short, thick legs, but have some barring in their feathers...maybe a Barred Rock/Cornish Cross mix? Or a Cochin or Brahma mix?

They are beautiful whatever they are! :)

Velvet ~:>

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Thanks Velvet! Looking through tons of pics I can see some of the mixes you're thinking. The Cochin and Brahma found some similar mix pics. Guess whatever they are they made their own mix from whatever he had out in the yard. Whatever they are they stay nice and true to this mix and are nice and hardy. Yeah, their thick legs crack me up. Especially when they're slinking away when I come outside. They get considerably shorter. LOL. They don't usually run, they just up and saunter away. Our town will be called ChickenTown in the next few years with as many as are living outside my friends place. I'm doing my part to keep them from reproducing by eating all the eggs I find on my place. Smiles. Thanks for your help.

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