Sick Duck!!

delilahduckJune 4, 2008

I need some help for my daughters new duckling. She is about 2 1/2 - 3 wks old, she is a Golden 300. Her name is "Delilah". Delilah eats, sleeps, and plays w/ my daughter,and my sons bunny, and has been very "normal" acting the whole 6 days we have had her. At night she snuggles up to the bunny and sleeps happy. But today we left her in the cage with the bunny to nap while we worked outside for a couple of hours and came back and Delilah has a lopsided neck that seems to be ful of FOOD! She acts "normal" even wants to drink but when she does she starts to cough up water with food. It looks to me like something might be stuck in her throat and she can't get it up. She only has a problem if she tries to drink, otherwise she seems fine, even though she obviously is not. I thought maybe she got a hold of some wood shavings that might have been on the bunnies feet? Or his Poopie? Could this be a problem? We are feeding her duck starter pellets soaked in water with electrolytes. I don't know if she needs any gravel? She is outside enough to get some off the ground. If she need this will she know it and peck at the peppbles? I would really appreciate any elp in this matter. So will my daughter. Thanks. I should note that we have removed her food and water for the night. thanks again!

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don't take away the water!! It's absolutely essential that ducks have water at all times..otherwise they CAN choke.
Hopefully she will pass up what is blocking her,,but if she doesn't within 12 hours I would take her to be seen by a qualified vet...good luck to Delilah!

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