Dosing w/ horse paste 1.87%

lily490June 29, 2009

PetMeds have Iverhart for $22 12 pack no ship cost. Vet won't give script, wants to sell 6 pack for $30.

So...I have spitz mix, approx 35lb. and lab mix approx. 45lb.

I have horse paste 1.87% and a 3cc syringe. Can you make it simple for me? Can't even afford people meds right now!!!

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did you read the long thread

figure the dose for 40 pound dogs. close enough.

Here is a link that might be useful: long thread,.

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I will give it a try. Hope I copy and paste the good stuff. some are in error in that thread.

Dogs weight = volume of 1% undiluted solution
10 lbs = .0027 cc or ml (call it .003)
20 lbs = .0055 cc or ml
30 lbs = .0082 cc or ml
40 lbs = .011 cc or ml

Your's is 1.9% or about twice as strong therefore need half the dose. so you want .005 or .006 cc. that is tiny.

It is 1/200 of a cc. it is 1/20 part of the tenth of a cc.

see if you can put down .1 or tenth of cc. now mix with something. you want to add 19 or 20 parts of the mix like water. mix it up and now give the dog .1 cc of the watered down mix.

.1 cc med. + 1.9 cc of water = 2 cc of mix. take .1 cc of mix for the dog.

You are really not suppose to use water. but they recommend something else. However if you give it to them right away I see no problem.

By the way a higher dose is safe. I think you can give 1 cc to each dog and they will be ok. I would give about .2 cc to make sure the dog gets something.

Throw out the rest as it will go bad over time in water.

Can some other people verify if I did it correctly. I am not sure.

You could also water .1 cc meds down with 20 cc of water and mix it up then use 1 cc of that mix. That might be easier to work with. make sure you mix it good so you get some meds and not all water.

I figured everything using .005 cc and you probably want .006 cc so give a little extra. The amounts are so small that it is hard to measure. The dogs can do ok on higher doses.

Good luck

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