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laturcotte1June 14, 2012

Picture of our coop. I realized I have no new pictures but this is when we first built it 2009 and really haven't had to do much to update it. 10x10 There are two windows in back with one pop door, one window on side and two pop doors (the second door is new) window in front with large door for me. The coop is not insulated, windows and siding from salvage. Watch roadside people throw windows away all the time. We hard wired the front window, which is not fenced. The run is made with dog kennels around two sides of the coop. We learned the squirrels were sqeezing through the chain link fence (raiding food) so we wrapped the entire fencing in chicken wire. Ran wooden slats from coop to top of fencing and nailed chicken wire to it to make covered run. The squirrels were sqeezing through he seams had to sew them up with wire. The rocks around the coop are to keep any digging predators out. Wooden floor is covered with shaving I poop/scooped every or everyother night. Easy clean up stays dry no smell. The nesting boxes is the only place I put hay and change the hay twice a year. The perches are not over the nesting boxes and are wide so they may keep their feet warm in winter months. No heat the windows let sun in to warm in winter body heat for rest of time.

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Sounds like your birds gets fresh air. A fave book is Prince Woods (reprinted from 1910 or so by Plamodon) that endorses lots of fresh air for poultry. I have raised birds in IL, MI and KY with exposures folks who talk about insulating poultry houses would decry. Who insulates for sparrows?

Like your provisions. You are way more fastidious than I regarding pooper scoopers....but seem to enjoy all. Thanks for sharing.

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