Sick Toulouse Goose-Suggestions please!

ellenwhiteJune 3, 2012

We have two pet Toulouse geese just over a year old. About 3 weeks ago one of them became very unstable on her feet and continues to lose her balance often. Her appetite has declined steadily, she has lost a lot of weight with her breastbone being very prevalent. I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago and she was unable to diagnose her with anything in particular. Vet prescribed Baytril to treat a bacterial infection but 10 days later no change. Her fecal sample tested negative for parasites but as a precaution we have de-wormed both geese. Her legs and wings checked out fine and her movements lead more toward a neurological thing. She grazes our land, has fresh water available at all times, snacks on occasional wheat bread, apples and cracked corn and eats Layena with Omega 3 layer pellets. She has a very watery, green bowl movement. Next plan of treatment will be Mazuri waterfowl diet. I cannot seem to locate any diseases on the internet that have her symptoms. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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We had swans,Im not sure if this compares,could her food be too high in protein?Does she have huge knots on her legs?also could it be bochulism,not sure spelling..I had lost some young cygnets,(baby swans) because of this.They get very weak.

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Bulldinkie, I think nailed it. Cut out the corn, and the layer pellets, they aren't laying are they? Too much protien. I have 28 ducks and they love, love love, snacks of all grain I feed my horses. I know I shouldn't but love them all gathered around eating out of my hand...and sure enough if I give them all grain I get a few with leg weakness. I pen them, in the stock trailer and limit them on any kind of feed. Sometimes takes a week or a bit. I give mine cracked corn, less a chance of giving too much. If they are free range and have access to a pond they really will get enough. I give my duck shredded carrots from the food processor for treats, mostly just to get them to come to the house for a check to see how everyone is doing.

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With Swans we would give them corn only in winter to help with warmth in colder weather.There is a feed just for swans ,geese etc.ask at your feed store what they recommend it think it was wild game bird feed not sure..but yes too much protein isnt good affects thier legs some bad..

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