momma cat died

trisha_51(5 Nebraska)June 21, 2014

Our busy days have become more busy this week with 3 orphaned kittens. We rushed the momma to the vet last Friday morning. She was severely dehydrated and had a blood sugar of 50. Do not know why. We found her at the water bowl cold and stiff but still alive, and there was food in the food dish. Thankfully we knew where her kittens were. So, every 2 to 3 hours I get a break from the garden, etc and sit down to feed and play with them. They were 8 days old last Friday and now have opened their eyes. :) That was fun. Our 7 month old house kitty has been upset with them around! She's finally getting closer, but want's to play with them! I tell her she needs to help me clean them up, but so far isn't listening to me. :)

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I am sorry to hear about the mom cat, sounds like diabetes to me. So you should watch the kitties later. I rescued kitties that were in the 2-3 week range and I will tell you that only the really good brand kitten food didn't give them diareah . So here is what I did. I got tilapia in frozen packages they come individually packed. They only take 90 sec in the microwave. I would cook one and pour half and half or heavy cream on it to cool it off. Smushed it up and they loved it. Figured the fish was protein and the cream fat. They thrived really well and no more bloody diareah. Feeding this was much cheaper too. As for keeping them clean I would run them under the faucet with Luke warm water to clean them up. It was a lot of work for sure but we enjoy their company everyday. Good luck...

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trisha_51(5 Nebraska)

jjaazzy, running water under the faucet was the only way for me, too. They looked so pathetic when dripping wet. They learned to use the litter box this week! A month old today. :)

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So cool, you will really have some great kitties, I think cause we have had these from so young they really trust us. They are very well natured. We let them in and out and I hung a bell on the door. 2 of the 3 know how to ring that bell to let us know they want back in. Enjoy them, we purchased a litte octopus stuffed animal called a wubba to help with teething, they really used it a bunch. Really the only store bought toy they liked.

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