my 2 ducklings

beeliz(2)June 28, 2008

I have a pair of 4 week old pekin ducks i got from a flea market. They were so sad and looked like they were never in or near water! anyways,I took them home,and I have them in their own area I've made for them with a small pool and dog kennel for nightime safety.

I would like to know when I can let them join my other hens in their huge place. I've made an inground (kids) pool in there for the ducks with flagstone rocks around it..and logs of wood. It's going to be great for them..but when are they safe to go in there with everyone else? will they be picked on? should I wait till they're bigger?

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If at all possible put the dog house near the other ducks and put some wire or something over the opening. something to keep them seperated but visible to each other. a wire cage would be perfect. You will know when it is time to let them out because the other ducks will be hanging around it and clucking or talking to the captives and will not show any aggression. I think they will just need time to get used to them.

Good luck and that is great that you basically rescued them.

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Thanks for your reply!
I don't have other ducks,,,when I said hens I meant red hens LOL! Do you think the hens will be nice to them? I don't want them to get picked at ect..but you should see the awsome pond waiting for these ducklings! I'm so very proud...I can't wait to let them in there. I think my 2 duclklings are now about 5 weeks..

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If the ducks weren't hatched by their mom (and therefore didn't get a protective coating of oil on their fuzzy little bodies from her), then you should wait until they have their first set of feathers before letting them go for a swim. I know it's tempting to let them bob on the water (I hatched 2 ducklings from a nest that a raccoon had raided), but they can get sick and die if they get wet if they don't have the oil from their mama duck.

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oh..I didn't know that,and I'm not sure how they were hatched outbecause I got them 1 week ago. But thanks for the advice :)

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Well not sure about advice for mixing the two but maybe the same will work??

I have to ask you how do you plan on cleaning the pool? Did you put a filter or something on it? When I had ducks they made the water disgusting but I think if I had put a filter on it, it might have been better. I just did not want to invest a lot of money into it. Also you do not wnat it to become a mosquito pit. In the beginning I would not put a lot of water into it until they are fully feathered.

Well anyway since you talk about how nice it is LET US SEE...

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haha! I will take pics,,and I plan on bucketing out the dirty water every couple days in the summer to keep it clean. The pond I had went to discusting waste and I had to get rid of it becuase it turned into a cess pool. So I plan on keeping the pool cleaner. it's also smaller so it won't take long to empty out and refill. I don't think a filter could even do it for ducks! LOL

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