Sick Abbey

laturcotte1June 29, 2012

Abbey came down sick 1 week ago today. Vet can't find anything no external/internate parasites, not egg bound, crop ok. No blood in feces, no injuries. Not eating, not drinking (I force her). Holds my fingers with feet but when I put her down her right foot curls, however, this in new for today. Freaks out with yogurt, DH bringing pediolyte home today. I cant believe she is still hanging on. Two weeks ago she was health and happy.

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Can you believe Abbey came down sick on the 21st vet saw her on 25th meds antibiotics/cortisone injection. Never got better but she is still alive today. Still on my kitchen counter this morning she is a little more awake, for two days she stopped eating all together she is so thin! Today she ate yogurt mixed with her grain mash well. She still gets pediolyte, will try scrambled eggs again for dinner. She is amazing, guess as long as she tries so will I. Every day I walk her out to see her boyfriend Coco she perks up and he gives her a crow or two. Maybe love is keeping her alive.

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Is it even a remote possibility that Abbey has gone broodie?
How did you discover she was sick. Broddy's won't eat, won't move unless they are so inclined and will sit on anything and nothing until either the fever is broken or they hatch. Put a warm egg next to her and see what she does. If she ignores it then she's possibly sick. But if she covers it. (either moves to sit on it or pulls in under her with her beak, then she's sitting!!! And a setting hen does get thin.. If she covers the egg then we can talk about how to break's been too long to give her eggs I think.
I'll check back in early in the week for an update on Abbey.

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Abbey passed yesterday. Everyday she would let me feed her soaked grain mixed with yogurt, pediolyte, scrambled eggs but just got weaker. I had another vet take a look at her and they just didn't know, all her tests came back normal the first time. We got her from the MSPCA so maybe she was much older than we thought. She held on for 2.5 weeks. Thanks for all the advice.

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So sorry. It's so easy to get attached to those little feathered friends.

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