need 2 cool male goat names

msjay2u(7)June 27, 2008

need to name these guys something! I get them on Sunday

want to name them something really cool. I had a friend who named hers pepsi and sprite but of course they do not fit these. what are the coolest names you have heard for goats?

they are both males.


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Call them Taser and Turbo.Nothing will stop them.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

How about Boots for the one in the lower picture? Nothing springs to mind for the upper photo, but I will keep thinking about it.

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LOL those are all cute names. I thought about something wacky like George and Harry but then I decided I better let my friends help me. I also thought about boots or bootsy. Well I have until sunday to decide so I am going to watch this thread and also rack me and my friends brains. I will let you guys know what I decide on Sunday. Keep the suggestions coming!

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You could always wait a few days and let them earn their own name. That's what we did after we picked up a whole litter of beagle puppies one time. Over time, each one got a name relating to their personality.

Digger, Mean Un, Buddy, Shy, Precious, Goldie, Buster and Screech

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I'm so glad your getting some goats that are people friendly! They are nice looking little fellows!
Around here, the animals tend to name themselves. Or you might want to think of a case you end up having a whole herd. Like names of spices...cinnamon, sage...ect. Or flowers...or mythical get the idea.
I have sold many of my goats off due to feed prices, but I started naming my does after Desperate Housewives. I had a Gabby and DeeDee and the names really suited the personalities of the

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msmito I was going to actually get them before I finalized the name but something I was nver good at is coming up with names. I did not even name my children. and later when they were about 3 I figured out the perfect names for them but it was too late. LOL!!!

Heck I do not have names for my three chickens yet.

backlanelady I like your thinking. I was considering singers and I forgot I have yet to name the chickens so I can do male singers for the 2 boys and female for the 3 girls...
and since my farm is called Country Dreams I can have country singer names... hmmm
I feel an idea brewing

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BJ mckay and his best friend Bear? it was a great show :)
mine are billy jean and mary jane! (females)
...Tom and Gerry?
...Chip and Dale?
...Ben and Gerry? (it's been hot and I crave ice cream)
...Bill and Ted?

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Singers will work!
I was a teen in the 70's and have always loved Alice my two oldest milking gals are named Alice and Ethel...after his song Cold Ethel. I suppose I should have named a buck Alice instead of a doe...oh well...just don't tell my Gal Alice that she is named after a
Speaking of which...I think Cold Ethel is getting ready to have some babies this week. Now, I will need

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okay ideas are brewing...

Ben and Jerry a tribute to my favorite ice cream Chunky Monkey but what about the girls?

Ethel made me think about how I love lucy. I can name the boys Ricky and Fred and the girls Ethel, Lucy and ???

this is fun!
back lane lady you better come back when you need names sounds like good ideas here!!
(Cold Ethel is such a hoot! I like it)

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jennybog(zone 5)

Hi i was just talking about goat names today a told my daughter that i was going to name my new goat Zipper.It would fit a girl or boy.That would be one name .Good Luck.They are cute boys. Jenny

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oh oh!
*Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
*Van and Eddy (Halen)
*Annus and Ciaphus (from the Bible!)
*what were those 2 old men on the muppet show???

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Jeckel and Hyde
ernie and bert
bunsen and beeker
fred and barney

and the last thing I wrote about van and eddy...I meant alex and eddy..(van halen) oops! my husband nearly killed me! LOL

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LOL Beeliz, that's funny!

Well the ideas here gave me the inspiration to name my chickens. I have 3 and named them Lucy, Ethel and Mrs McGillicuty (Lucy's mother). Mrs McGillicuty is larger than the other ones and she is a little antisocial. My grandsons came over today and I always assign an animal to a kid. Well the 3 year old picked Ethel as his chicken and by the end of the day she should know her name. all day long all I could here was "I want Ethel" Then the 6 year old kept telling me he loved Lucy. How fitting.

I pick up the boys (goats) tomorrow. The boys will be assigned to my grand daughters Grace and Armoni. I could name the boys Georgio and Will or Evan (Georgio Armani and Will & Grace or Grace Evans).

I also like Ben and Jerry

Fred and Barney.

Bootsy and Bruiser.

I forgot I have to leave room for another boy because I am on the waiting list for a Fainting Goat who will be coming later.

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

Coal and Jasper

That's my shot :)


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Oh how exciting for you..I hope your day tomorrow goes nice and smooth. All the best for their homecoming!!

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How about Bill and Lee (aka bill-lee goats)? They sure are cute little guys!

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Toejam and Earl.

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I got the goats today and those photos are when they were much younger. the one on the top has the same coloring but he looks so small and graceful almost like a female. So none of those rough boy names will fit him.

The other is much darker than the photo with dark body markings. His coloring is called chamois and he looks very much like the coloring on a Oberhasli if you know what they look like. I would take a photo but I took pictures with a regular camera, since my digital wants to act up on me.

The darker one is a cry baby. He is fine when I am out there with him but when I leave him he cries like crazy. The guy said they were being weaned and I might want to give them a bottle once in a while.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...well I wanted social goats so I guess I got them now. LOL

so now I am back to the names. Because they are screamers I am now leaning towards rock stars.

I am going to do a search for rock stars that use a lot of makeup for the second one. still stumped on the first. Only ones I can think of are

Twisted Sister and kiss LOL
and Beeliz yours may work too (Alex and Eddie) but not everyone will know who they are and might not get it.

why oh why is it so hard to pick out a name??

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I like the Bill and Lee idea!
Let's see...rock stars with loud pipes....
Axel Rose (Guns N Roses)
Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) Sebastian has an incredible voice! IMHO
I almost like it better when people don't "get" my animals names. It's like a personal joke between me and the
Cold Ethel hasn't had her babies yet. A good friend is on barn watch with a mare and me with my goat. I'll bet they both deliver just fine alone when we doze off. Lol

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you know after I wrote that last post I looked over all the names again and decided that I liked Bill and Lee as well. That is kind of funny! I guess Lee will be the delecate one.
Thanks Marlin! By George I think I got it.

So I have
Bill and Lee (goats)
Ethel, Lucy and Mrs McGillicuty (hens)
I am getting a Fainter Goat too so I might call him Lazy. LOL

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I changed names. LOL. Bill and Lee was too hard to say for some reason. Or I should say it was awkward so I named them Fred and Ricky. since I have Lucy. Ethel and Mrs McGillicuty that made it all complete.

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backlanelady(6oh) for the fainter. I haven't seen a Lucy episode in so long that I can't remember who is

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the first name is ALAN means handsome, and the second name is IVAN thats mean gift of god.

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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

Just to tie up a loose end on this fascinating thread, the two Muppet gentlemen were Stadtler and Waldorf, named after two NYC hotels.

Send my best to Ricky and Fred. By chance, I just heard a radio piece because today is the 100th anniversary of Lucille Ball's birthday, so I'm sure those names are right.

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Fainting goat cud be Sleepy like in the 7 dwarfs.

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Cecil and Cyrus?

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