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skagit_goat_man_(WA)June 18, 2008

We haven't bought chicks for 5 years and went down to our feed store to see what they have. It's only June and they are placing their last order for 75 chicks and no breeds that we want. Looking on-line it seems that something has happened that's decreased the number of hatcheries or the amount of birds available. What's been going on that I've missed the past years of not having chickens? Tom

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I have used McMurray Hatcheries several times and have always been very happy with their products and services. Give them a try. They have so many different breeds and my last chicks were very healthy. I lost only two in shipping but I ordered 25 and they sent 30 so I came out ahead!

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Ideal Poultry in Cameron, Texas has a wide variety of breeds. They are great on service, very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful.
The eight black Australorps that we got from them in March are strong and healthy, and also eating us out of house and home!
You can contact them at www.idealpoultry.com and see if they are still shipping chicks. We highly recommend this company.

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when I was reading the last issue of Hobby Farm magazine I happened to come across an ad for Meyer Hatchery. They have lots and lots of breeds and you don't have to buy a zillion, I think the minimum order is 5 but don't hold me to that. Anyway the last time I went on their site they say that you can not order online while they upgrade but you can browse and call in your order. They sent a catalog and they have stuff way cheaper than anyone else (like cages for $8 each). Some of the stuff is online and some only in the catalog.

Anyway getting to the point when I clicked on several breeds they said none in stock. I was wondering the same thing as you. Is something going on??

You might have read this response I sent to someone else but it is worth repeating. Check Craigslist. I found what I wanted but the guy was just too far away to make the trip. I emailed him and asked him if he is ever near my city and if so could I meet him somewhere to buy my chicks. He happened to have a doctors appointment less than a half a mile away from me and they met me at Mc Donalds and that is how I got my chicks. Only problem is you do not get to see the condition they live in before you get them. He had a live webcam on his website and that helped me to see what I wanted to see. a clean hatchery...
Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: MEYER HATCHERY

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