Goose sick - please help.

mickey_2009June 11, 2009

Live beside a pond for 10 years now. Have many Mallards and one 10+ year old goose. (She was here when we moved in) She lost her mate about 2 years ago. Has seemed to do okay having the companionship of the Mallards. About two days ago she started having trouble walking and keeping her balance when she is eating or drinking. Still eating/drinking but not as much. Don't see any bites or punture wounds on her. She's not wanting me to get too close. Any suggestions on what I can do to help her?

One other issue that may play a part - About 2-3 months ago a flock of Canadian Geese came (30+) The Canadian geese had babies and now are very protective. The Canadian geese are very demanding when I feed my goose and the Mallards. I think it's time they move on but they are staying around of course b/c of the good food/water source. Any thoughts on how to "encourage" them to leave? Could this causing/ contributing to my goose's symptoms? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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She may have a wound that's festering or even maggot infested. With the staggering I'm thinking fever, or perhaps a head infection, or maybe poisoning (lawn insecticide maybe?). I suggest you catch her & check her over really good, then securely pen her as she is definately a predator magnet.

The CG may have been fighting with her, you'd probably see feathers missing. Staggering isn't normal. Eating is a good sign but I would definately try to assist before she possibly gets worse.

Cant really offer anything else helpful as I've never treated birds for illness-they either make it or they don't. Maybe you could contact some of the fowl breeder members, call your vet, or join a waterfowl group & ask.

Good luck,

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One more thought-maybe she's just much older than 10, in which case there's not much you can do.

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Thank you very much Brendasue for the response. I thought she was doing somewhat better. Kept the CG away from her and she started eating quite a bit until two days ago. I ended up catching her tonight and she didn't put up a fight at all. Hadn't ate in two days. She's in my barn now-Can't see any wounds or punture sites....Good thought on the lawn insecticide...Gave her an antibiotic this evening...figured it couldn't hurt her until I can get ahold of my vet in the morning. Not sure she'll even make it to the morning. Have read alot of info and it appears many of the diseases are treated with antibiotics...Just hate feeling so helpless...

I'm afraid you might be right-she could be alot older than 10 and I have no way of knowing....Atleast I know nothing can hurt her right now...Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your kind suggestions - Micky_2009

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Hi Brendasue
Right after I finished sending the message to you I went out to check on her. She is gone. Not sure which is worse-feeling helpless or missing her...Thanks again for taking your time. Mickey_2009

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So sorry Mickey. But, sounds like she had a good home for a long time.


Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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Mickey, sorry to hear about your loss if it's any consolation it does sound like old age. At least she was warm and safe when she passed.

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Mickey, I was so sorry to read of your loss. It sounds like she had a great place to live with someone who cared a lot about her. She was a lucky girl.


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I'm so sorry Mickey. Just know you did what you could for her, and at least she passed feeling safe & secure. She's with her mate now, whom I'm sure she has missed.

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I just wanted to send my condolences for the loss of your girl. I just know that she had such a wonderful home and great goose life and that is the best gift you could give her.


Julia in Woodinville, WA
(Mom to 2 boys, 1 schnauzer, 5 chicks and 1 bunny.)

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