miniture horse charges pygmy/nigerian goats!!

bree00June 8, 2009

we just got a mini horse and it charges our goats for no reason, the horse has already bit the some of the goats h air off! i have always heard horses and goats get along. We got the minihorse from the say person who sold us the goats and ther was goats all around him, but im afraid the horse will hurt my goats,but i still want to keep the horse

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Try introducing them slowly ... separate pastures until they are familiar enough to meet haltered.

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Sounds like he's trying to establish the pecking order.

One of our senior mares kept the other senior mare herded away from the other horses. Pinning ears, charging, kicking. She tried that on the new junior mare. Junior mare has shoes on because I was showing her. Junior mare taught the senior mare it wasn't nice to mess with her.

It is better to let them get use to each other without them having a free for all. But unless you plan to keep them separate all the time, some of it is just going to have to be worked out between them.

Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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