doe is pulling out fur

terriemacJune 14, 2012

I am new to raising meat rabbits. I read that the nest box goes in at 28 days but my doe is already pulling out her fur and she is only 22 days. Should I put it in now?

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YES! Put it in now. Your doe is nesting. Give her a snug but comfy not too big not too small nest box with some hay in it, or she will have those kits on the wire. Try not to disturb her too much or she may kill or step on the kits.

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Yes for sure now. She will want to feel at home in it before the babies come or else she may have them on the wire anyways. And also as Brenda S says. DO NOT DISTURB. You will see the fur in the nesting box move after she has had them. Leave alone for at least a day before checking. Good luck

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Thanks! I put the nesting box in yesterday with about an inch of pine shavings on the bottom and some timothy hay that I had on top of that. Might replace it with some straw since she's eating the hay :)

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