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woodrose711June 10, 2009

I wonder if it's really neccessary to feed hens layer mash for them to lay eggs. I know hens will lay without it, just not as much. I'm thinking about making my own broad spectrum feed blend that can be used for all of my geese and chickens, I don't want to bother with special foods for special purposes. My chickens are Wyandottes and Rocks, good layers to begin with.Between 8-10 hens I'll be happy with around a dozen eggs a week anyway. How about a good scratch with oyster shells and black oil sunflower seeds added? My birds will also mostly be free range. Any advise on this idea?

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I am in MA and not grain places around here that I know about. Making your own is interesting. Do you have a place to grind the feeds. will it cost more or less to do your own special grind.

I was reading online someone was getting their own grind so it was not medicated but was higher protein and desired for raising game birds.

I like letting them free range and using what is lower cost. Geese eat too much grain in my opinion. Geese actually do best on grass.

You can actually free range and feed them nothing. Just give them water. They will be probably better than with feed. Some people use a little feed or grain toward evening to get them back into the house. Just enough to get them coming home before dark.

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Here is a link that might be useful: feed

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henspa.com has a good organic scratch and lists ingredients. After looking at the recipe options at lionsgrip.com, it seems feasable to adapt the henspa scratch for a broader use. The henspa scratch is $15 for 50#.

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I went to the henspa site and although I have not found the feed info yet I did find this neat garbage can tractor. I thik that is really neat for a subdivision chicken keeper.

Here is a link that might be useful: garbage can hen house.

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