Odd couple :(

marilyn_c(z9 Tex.coast)June 22, 2008

I work with one of the local animal shelters with animal rescue. Because I live on 50 acres in the country, when they get an animal, other than dogs or cats, they give me a call.

Several months ago, I got a white leghorn rooster and a muscovy duck. I imagine the rooster was a surviving Easter chick...quite a feat in itself. The duck had managed to step on a louvered fence panel that was laying on the ground and gotten her legs hung up in it and was in pretty bad shape because she was there for so long. However, with a little care, she healed up fine.

I have them in an 18 x 8' chainlink fence enclosure, that has a top on it...to protect them from raccoons. It is a nice secure pen, so planned to get a couple of hens, and I could just pen them up in there at night. However, what to do with the duck...no one wanted her. I live on a bayou, but there is an alligator that hangs around, so haven't turned her loose.

Anyway, to make a long story short....the rooster is mating with the duck. And she seems all for it. And she has made a nest and has about 8 eggs in it so far.

Is this just a case of "two ships passing in the night", to borrow an old expression? This is too wide of a cross for any little babies to hatch, is it not? I should not be expecting any little "duckens", should I??

I know Muscovies are different from other ducks and when they cross with other ducks, the offspring are sterile...but

when they cross with a chicken....could those eggs possibly hatch?

I feel foolish asking this question. I have been around farm animals all my life and my instincts say no...they won't hatch. Just wanted to see what the experts had to say.

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I'm no expert by any means, but from what I've read and heard, it probably won't happen. I have confused roosters and guinea hens around, they can produce a guinhen (or something like that) but it's very very rare, the offspring are said to be infertile (like mules).

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If they do hatch post pictures. That will be interesting to see!!

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Nope, the eggs won't be fertile. I had the same thing here with a roo and some ducks.
How nice of you to take in animals!

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I'm sure the rooster will dump the duck if he gets some hens.LOL

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