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pimerz(9)June 12, 2010

Just got 3- Mama,male yearling, intact daddy. Didn't know I was getting them til 2 days before they were offered. I live on a 26 acre piece of heaven-20 acres of oaks and 5 of hay pasture. We have the little family in a holding pen full of native and St. Augustine grasses, lots of shade, lots of sun. I see tons of mini donks around in open fields, yet read that free grazing is hazardous. I don't understand.

The jack, JJ, is already comfortable with me- has a neck with lots of bites from another donkey. Best way to clean? His neck wounds seem to be healed- just really crusty. I want to clean and brush him out, but don't want to do something stupid that will lose his trust or get me kicked. I will call the vet on Monday- just wanted a head start. Would appreciate help. THANX!

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"I see tons of mini donks around in open fields, yet read that free grazing is hazardous. I don't understand. "

Until you check your pasture areas for hazards - toxic plants. gopher holes, debris - yes, it's hazardous. And if you don't do it regularly, a safe pasture can become a hazard.

Neuter the two jacks unless they are excellent breeding quality. They WILL start fighting.

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As long as his cuts aren't infected, I would brush lightly & if a scab comes off put iodine or swat on it. Iodine will sting a bit but it's never bothered my horses enough to lash out at me, only hold the leg (or whatever) and move it a bit.

Standing to the side (not in front!) of the shoulder is a pretty safe place, just watch your feet don't get stepped on.

Lazygardens said it better than I could have regarding hazards (unless you have big cats or something?).


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Hi Pimerz. Congrats on the new family. You can email me with questions. I'm sure by now the vet has helped you out.

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Thanks Tracy. I think we have it under control- Vet has told us what they need and our little family is settling in. I'll keep your offer in mind.
Have a blessed day, PIM

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Smear a bit of Corona on the wounds. It will keep the scabs lubricated, prevent infection, and help the hair grow back. Don't pick at them, just spread the Corona over the top.

You can use Bag Balm if you can't find Corona.

Another vote for gelding the males. They will be happier and you will be safer.

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