Doeling panting

dayflowrJune 27, 2010

I have a two month old doeling who is a Lamancha Nubian cross. About a month ago I noticed her panting when doing any kind of exercise. Her sister seems just fine and is slightly bigger at this point. I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with her but am at a loss. She is still growing but is just not as big as her sister. I thought that was due to her getting a very banged up eye socket from one of the does butting her into the wall (It hurt her so bad she wasn't able to nurse for a day or two without me intervening) and she hurt her foot at one point and only nursed when her mom was nearby. Anyhow, now that she pants when she runs for 20 feet I am thinking there must be something else going on. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Stunted growth and hard breathing sounds like a heart defect to me, maybe cardiomiopathy.

Might just be some sort of pneumonia or even a foxtail in her lung. I wouldn't think either of those would last for 2 months, though.

Sounds like vet time to me.

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I hadn't thought of the possibility of it being a heart problem. I have a call in to the vet. Thanks for the response.

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I agree with Oregonwoods, could be a collapsed lung or something too.

Does she have a fever? That would rule out pneumonia.


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