Introducing new goat to herd

suellen_delawaresJune 21, 2007

Is there a good way to introduce a new goat? We have had a doe and her 4 month old doeling

for about 6 weeks. We just got another doeling 3 months old. The two youngsters are having fun playing.

The doe chased the new doeling around. We moved the two youngsters to another pen. The doe keeps

butting the fence when the new doeling gets close. Now what?

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just thinking......what do you usually do if she butts the fence? does she think of you as the alpha so to speak? i do have goats, but have never had to introduce an outsider. i do have an odd mix of animals though that share the same space.... chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, goats....

when i brought the first duck, i remember sitting in the side yard with the cat and the duck for an hour. seriously. petting them both and getting the point across LOUD AND CLEAR to the cat that this was my duck, i was the boss, and no messing with it.

now they sleep in the same yard sometimes.

when i first brought my goats home, they tried a little shenanigans. going into yards they weren't supposed, butting the house, sticking head through the gate and so forth. i spent an inordinate amount of time fooling with them to make good habits, figuring that too much time at the start beat ten years of everyday problems in the future.

when my goats act like they own the place, i do several things depending on my disposition that day. :)

one is step forward toward them with my chest out in a very dominant way. now i am short and they are much stronger than me, but it works everytime. they back right up.

i have also learned to just push my head forward at them with the same air of aggression and they stop fooling around too.

if they go somewhere i dont' like, i put my fingers into their collar and just refuse to let them. now they are strong, but once you've done it a few times without giving up, you just have to act like you're reaching for it later and it works.

also, they have learned that the word NO means just that. stop whatever the blankety blank you're doing and i mean right now. :)

so, i am thinking aloud here, but could you do a combo? because to me it sounds like the older one doesn't realize that you are the ultimate rooster of the barnyard. how can you show her that you are the boss and that this new kid is YOURS. so if she is messing with the kid then she is messing with you?

can you act more dominant with her? make a loud noise (even a hissing sound works sometimes) when she butts the fence? bang the fence back from the kids side?


good luck

whatever works for you is what i will steal and do if this same situation happens to me. :)

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Thanks for the suggestions. I do the dominant step forward with my roosters and they back right down. I didn't think of using it with the goat. The two kids have been in one pen and the mom of the one kid in the other. When I catch her butting the fence at the new kid I kick the fence back at her or shake the fence back into her face followed always by NO. I don't know about anyone else but my animals sometimes think if they don't look at me they can't hear me. I use canned air to get their attention. When we are all out walking and mom needs an attitude adjustment I give her a short puff of canned air near the ear (never at the ear) or a very short puff near the butt. This gets her attention so she can hear me say NO. The last walk I didnÂt use my canned air.
I was very happy this morning. When the mom didn't think I was watching she had her head through the fence and she was play butting with the new kid. We are taking it slow. This is defiant progress.

CAUTION if you have not used canned air before be careful. Do not get the spray too close to the animal or spray it very long because IT CAN BURN THEM and YOU.

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Just let them all be together and they'll straighten out the social order. They are goats, forget the canned air and let them be. Tom

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