Fletchers (no toes) 'Meet and Greet'

laturcotte1June 25, 2009

This morning I did the meet and greet with Fletcher and the two chicks (Black Rock hens), I'm not sure how old they are maybe 1 month old.

I crated them and brought them to his yard, he walks around the crate making a clucking sound which I thought was good, he has a pretty mean growl when he's upset. When I open the door to the crate and they pop out Fletcher runs into his house. While the chicks are exploring he comes back out making small noises slowly approaching them, before I realize what he was doing he had herded them calmly and slowly into the corner. He then takes a peck at one and makes it cry. I rush over to stop it just as he starts to peck at the other. I get them back into their crate and take them back to their own coop and yard, boy I think they were really happy to get out of there.

It was amazing how he herded them, I think he may have some border collie in him :). When I opened the gate to bring the babies back Fletcher makes his break and full out runs back down to the goats yard where he will stay for the day. I wonder if he'll go back to his yard or will he think "they' are still there?

Should I try again tomorrow or should I wait until they are a little bigger maybe another week or two?

The yard is pretty big but the way he did it was so smooth they didn't even realize they are being cornered, as a matter of fact neither did I!

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Do you have any follow up to report.

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I am going to wait until July 31 to reintroduce them to Fletcher they will be 2 months old then and should be big enough to hold their own.

These girls are hilarious!!! They fly all over their pen from the large tree branch I put in the yard to the coop door run inside and come charging back out. They see me and go crazy (couldn't have anything to do with the mealworms) and come running and peeping their heads off. They dig and scratch they are adorable!!

I do have a question; when Fletcher walks by their pen he puffs his feathers up around his neck. Not sure what that means do you?
Lee Ann

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I would guess he is just showing off what a big stud he is. You know how boys are.

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