two male rouen pet ducks have become mean

krip72June 12, 2013

i have two male rouen ducks that we got last year and have raised since they were babies. I have to say they have been spoiled ,they get to come in swim in the tub have fresh fruit vegetables and sit on a blanket with us while they dry off. within the last couple months they have become really mean with us and each other. they bite at our toes ,legs and hands. they also grab on to each others feathers and hold on. one seems to be worse then the other. what can i do to get this behavior to stop. i dont want to send them to someones farm (we live in town and have a BIG backyard)but i don't want to have them biting me every time i go in my yard.

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too_many_pets(LI Z7)

Males are notoriously aggressive. They are probably "frustrated." and would love some female companionship (but 2 females since there are two males.)

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My mom used to be attacked by our "pet" duck every time she would go out to hang wash on the line. And she was wearing shorts too. Gee, I feel bad about that now that she's gone. But it was kidna funny in a way too. Idea - can you take a fly swatter and swat at them when they do this. It seems kind of harmless and won't hurt, and maybe they would get the idea.

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