Beet and Swiss Chard leaves are dying ... help!

velanziaJune 8, 2014

Hello Gang - How are you all doing? Im'm here to to ask my fellow experts about something.

It is summer here in Canada and I put in some veggies. Things like tomatoes, leeks, carrots, kale, greens, beet etc... However yesterday I noticed that my beet and Swiss Chard leaves are drying out (full leave or a portion) and then die prematurely. As a precaution I cut all those leaves and threw them away in my green bin.

Here is my question, does anyone know what this is? and the solution? also please mention if this is a risk for the other plants (I can post a list of other plants I have If necessary).

Note: Click on the link underneath the photo to see more images.

Thank you very much!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Additional photos of the problem

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Leafminers. This is the worst time of year for leafminer infestations. This one is specific to beet, chard and spinach. Cut off all the affected leaves, seal them up in a plastic bag and throw it away. Cover the plants with floating row cover or tulle to prevent the moths from laying more eggs.

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Yup, leafminers. I covered my beets with row covers this year and they still look like yours.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

In order for row covers to work, one must plant in a different site than in previous years --
In other words, a place where you haven't had leafminers previously.

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hamiltongardener(CAN 6a)

Leafminers. I battle them every year too.

Check the backs of the leaves every couple days (or more often if you can) and look for rows of little tiny white eggs stuck to them. They wipe away really easily. Keep on top of it and your leaves will survive and thrive.

I try to do a quick check of mine every day after work for 10 minutes or so.

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hi all, thanks for the replies and information. now i know what it is and ways to prevent it.

@hamiltongardener - Thanks for the tip. I shall do this often to stop the spread!


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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

I came here looking for answers of this as well. Mine wilted and some type of inchworms were chewing leaves. They were much smaller than hookworms and almost a vibrant green color. Even after I removed them all on several plants in different pots in different properties, they all declined a slow and steady death. I assumed it was more due to it being 90+ here in Florida and a bunch of rain. Will Swiss Chard last the summer in a hot and wet environment here in Florida?

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