Will my hens hatch out guinea eggs?

mailman22(6)June 27, 2008

I have four broody girls and would like to place some guinea eggs under them. Will they hatch? Will they raise them?


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a broody hen will hatch almost any eggs....and she'll most likely raise them.

ive never tried with guinea eggs, but my silkies have sat on all sorts of eggs and raised babies that weren't their own.

good luck!!

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yep, what goatgirl said. I had a hen hatch out a turkey egg! That was a real odd couple! That big turkey trying to snuggle under mommas wing...lol.

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hilltopviews(z7 SE)

Yes, the hens will sit the guinea eggs and raise the guinea chicks.
When we lived on a farm, we had chickens and guineas, my dear father-in-law always took the guinea eggs from the guinea moms. Let me tell you, he had to hunt for those nest, for the guineas hide their nest.
Reason for removing the eggs from free range guineas: the guineas leave the nest early in the morning before the grass is dry, if left with the guinea mom, the young baby guineas will not survive.
My farmer FIL said the chicks get wet and die. Is this true? I don't know, but that is what he always did. We would see him coming across the pasture with his hat in his hands and we knew he had a hat full of guinea eggs.
He was a true farmer, he knew his herds and they knew him, he walked among them everyday.
When old enough to survive, the young guineas are returned to the adult guineas, for guineas are unique with a unique nature. Plus, the best alarm system a farm family can have. LOL

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I have heard somewhere that it is better to have something else hatch guineas. Don't ask me where I heard thatMy boss (big x-farmer) told me if I hatched guineas in an incubator they will see me first and recognize me as their momma and stay close to home. If your girls hatch them I would think the same applies, unless genetics take over. As hilltop pointed out guineas are not very good parents so you should be in a better position to let your other girls hatch and raise.

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