Can wild Muscovys cross breed?

Angelles6June 23, 2014

We had a stray Muscovy duck show up this spring. None of our neighbours recognize her so we don't know where she came from. She was wild at first but became friendlier within weeks. We fed her bread to gain her trust until she would let us touch her. Now when she sees us in the yard she comes running.
About 2 weeks ago she built a nest in one of our bushes. About 5 days ago she started spending almost all of her time on the nest, except to eat. Last night we discovered 6 eggs in the nest. There are no Muscovy drakes anywhere around, but we have 3 single Mallard drakes that frequent our pond. Is it possible she could have mated with one of them? We don't want to touch her eggs if they might be fertilized.

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Muscovies can cross with other ducks I believe, because I've seen what look like hybrid crosses at the park.Guess in a couple more weeks you'll find out if the eggs hatch.

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