Help for my baby mallard

razz1125June 10, 2008

for the past 2 years i have had ducks. The once i got are runner ducks the i bought at Agway. About a week ago the baby mallard walked into the warehouse of my roommates job. The baby duck has been doing fine until today. She is very different from the other ducks i have and do not have them together, The one duck i have keeps going after her. Today when i went to feed her she did not at all jump around like crazy when i normally do feed her or try and run away from me. She just sits there, Tryed to give her water with an eye droper but i got most of it. It seems to me like she is acting like she is blind. None of these signs came around befor she even took off on me yesterday and i had to chase her around the house. She just lays there and closes her eyes. Im not sure what to do or what is wrong with her. If anyone can help please i can use it. This is really upsetting me b/c i am such a duck lover

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Did she get to eat grit?

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