non laying hens

marymacJune 17, 2009

i just butchered my first hen. I'm thining out my flock to make room for some younger chickens, so I started with the one I was pretty sure wasn't laying any more, the one I thought was too old. Well when I was cleaning her up , i found she had plenty of eggs still inside of her, so why was she not layin? She had a huge amount of fat on her body. Could this actually stop her laying? I still have about 5 more to go, but how can I know if they are non layers? I get 3 eggs at most from 6 hens a day, and that is on a good day. I'm not sure what age they are , probably 3 years old. Has any one else butchered old hens, and still found eggs inside them? Does this mean they are still laying?

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Hens that are overweight don't lay well, as well as older hens. Many people replenish their flock yearly so they will have young, laying hens.
My one year old Austrolorp hens started to lay fewer eggs, and following the advice offered by Velvet Sparrow, I cut back on their food a bit. Sure enough, within two weeks I was getting 5 or 6 eggs a day from 7 hens. I think Slo-poke is holding out on us!

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